A New Look a the World of Economics!

On Tuesday, August 13, EC Montreal students had the chance to participate in a lecture that gave new approaches to the world’s economic system. In a time where capitalism and consumerism don’t seem to work out anymore, it is crucial to think about new ways of how people’s life can be managed in a sustainable way.  If you plan to study at EC Montreal, participating in a big variety of free activities will be an efficient component to improving your language skills as well as your knowledge about up-to-date topics!

IMG_3649 (800x533)

A former EC Montreal student, Maria Cecilia Rodrigues Campos, now a graduate of McGill University school of business, held this lecture and gave an interesting viewpoint as to why the existing economic system would not be coherent anymore with a world that functions in more and more complex ways.

All in all, an interesting information session followed by a short conference and discussion which allowed the students to improve their listening and speaking skills.



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