Our Young Learner Thomas Breuer: “I would recommend EC Montreal…”

Thomas from Germany is a student in our Young Learner’s Programme!  This is the final week of the programme.  He wanted to share his experience with everyone!
Thomas Breuer Germany
We hope to see you next year! I was already in Montreal 5 years ago… and I really like the city, so I wanted to come back.  I learned a lot about the English language and about the Canadian culture.  I think I improved most my normal life, so the English used in the family.  I liked the laser quest activity the most.  I wasn’t very good but I really liked the action in the game.  At school, I liked my teacher, Toufik and my nice classmates.  I also liked that my homestay was pretty close to the school, so I didn’t have a long way to school. I would recommend EC Montreal to a German friend because I’m sure they would like it too!  The activity leaders were all super friendly and nice.  I’ll remember the people in Montreal and the nice classes.



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