Appletini Lounge!


Yesterday EC Montreal held its annual appletini lounge bar activity for its students.  It was our free Wednesday social activity!  EC Montreal’s school theme in September is “An Apple a Day…”.  The month of September in the province of Quebec is apple season!  There are thousands and thousands of acres of apple orchards in our lovely province.  Apple picking with friends and family is a very popular activity this time of year.  We want our EC Montreal students to experience all our local flavours and traditions.

We kicked off our month by serving non-alcoholic appletinis in the student lounge.  We served them up in beautiful martini glasses while listening to lounge music.

EC Montreal students love to have these moments to interact with each other and the staff.  We look forward to our Wednesday activities as it gives us an opportunity to get to know our students on a more personal and social level!

We look forward to our Apple Festival next week and are ready to wow our students with all the different treats made from Quebec apples!



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