Ammar Alzuair “I am Really Happy to Have Made This Experience…”

Last Friday was Ammar’s last day at EC Montreal.  He has been an absolute joy to have around EC Montreal!  He could not leave without sharing his experience with everyone.

Here is what Ammar has to say:

ammar alzuair

Hi! My name is Ammar and I am from Saudi Arabia. First of all, I would like to express my thankfulness to EC Montreal for a great time studying English. I could feel that being part of EC makes you somebody special. I could really improve my English here, more than I even thought I would in only three weeks. Moreover, I met really nice people, some became my friends and I hope to keep in contact with them! From the first day on, I could see how friendly people are here, especially the staff in the office. No matter what, I have always been helped! EC Montreal is great, which is why I would recommend it to my friends! I am really happy to have made this experience! Thank you EC!



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