Varcity 515: The Best Residence in Montreal!

EC Montreal leases 3 apartments at the Varcity 515 Residence.  It is a privately owned residence right in the heart of downtown Montreal, 2 close metro stations away from EC Montreal.  The residence offers unique living arrangements for students.  95% of students living at the Varcity 515 Residence are University students attending McGill University, Concordia University, Université de Montréal as well as UQAM.  The 4 big universities in Montreal!  EC Montreal students staying there have the wonderful opportunity of interacting with native English or French speakers. The residence has the most impressive common areas.  There is a lounge area close to the reception area with an enormous fireplace.  There is a theatre room, a playroom with Ping-Pong tables, pool tables, video game consoles and bistro tables.  There are study rooms, music rooms as well as a gym and weights room.  The residence offers free evening activities several times a week, such as movie night, pizza dinners, yoga classes and many other events.  Students have an opportunity to hang out and make friends in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere! The apartments themselves are the most unique part of this residence.  Students have their are own private bedroom within 5-bedroom apartments.  There are 2 shared bathrooms per apartment as well as a fully stocked kitchen, breakfast bar, dining room and living room.  There are laundry facilities on every floor as well as free wireless throughout the building. Students have the privacy of their own space and the benefit of sharing the living space and interacting with one another. We recently visited the residence and were delighted to see the students cooking together and hanging out comfortably watching television or listening to music.  They all said how much they love living at the Varcity 515 Residence! If you want to study at EC Montreal and you want … Read more

Laurentians Adventure Tour!

On September 21, EC Montreal is organizing an amazing full day excursion to the Laurentian mountains!  September is the perfect time of year to head up north to get a look at the wonderful fall colours and to be one with nature during harvest season! The excursion itinerary is an exciting one!  Every detail has been planned! The bus will leave EC Montreal at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and the first stop will be at St-Joseph du Lac to visit an apple orchard.  The students will get a tour of the orchard on the tractor ride and will be given a bag to pick their own apples.  Everyone will leave the orchard with 10 pounds of apples!!  In previous years, students have shared their apples with their classmates and homestay hosts and have baked wonderful treats with their apples! The next stop will be to a Quebec vineyard in St-Joseph du Lac.  There we will get a tour of the vineyard and the winery and will have a free wine tasting session! After a few wine samples and a few bites of apples, the bus will make its next stop in the Saint-Sauveur village!  There we will have free time for shopping at the outlet stores, a stroll in the village or a break for lunch!  Saint-Sauveur village is a charming town in the middle of the Laurentian mountains.  The view of the ski hills and the lovely shops and restaurants makes this destination absolutely picturesque! The final stop on our Laurentians adventure is the highest peak in Quebec, Mont-Tremblant!  Mont-Tremblant is a world-known tourist attraction.  Many famous celebrities own homes and cottages in this area of Quebec.  No matter what the season is, Mont-Tremblant is an exciting village to visit!  Our favorite time of year to visit is the … Read more

Meet our New English Teacher: Jonatan Medvedocky

EC Montreal is proud to introduce you to Jonatan Medvedocky!  He is one of the newest members of our EC Montreal teaching team!  We are delighted to welcome him to our EC family! Here is what he would like to share with all of you: Hello! My name is Jonatan Medvedocky, and I was born in Bs.As, Argentina. There, I realized that I had a close bond with the English language and decided to learn it on my own. A bit later, I was happy to attend group English sessions and observe my English teacher lead the lessons. Some years ago, I immigrated to Montreal and I took the opportunity to study in the Languages and Literature program at Dawson. There, I could enrich my knowledge of the English language and taste the culture. This adventure continued at Concordia University where I completed the TESL program. Since graduation, I have worked at different schools of Marguerite Bourgeois School Board, at Gardenview (English Montreal School Board), at Sino-Canadian College of Language and Culture, and at CLAM. The latter is a community center that promotes language learning for newly-arrived immigrants who don’t have a job; therefore, I have been doing volunteer work teaching a group of Latino American students in the evening. What is my philosophy of teaching? Passing on the moral, intellectual and spiritual wisdom I have in order to help people cope with their daily needs and become better human beings. In terms of English, I like familiarizing the students with the language and culture so they can better handle the challenges of everyday life in society as well as enjoy socializing for fun and for the pleasure of learning more good things about the linguistic and cultural nature of English. Moreover, English is a tool that can help everyone … Read more

IELTS Preparation Course!

EC Montreal offers the IELTS preparation course as a 20 Lessons per week programme.  The course is exam focused giving students an opportunity to train on all aspects of the exam; Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing in addition as well as focusing on grammar and vocabulary. Every Friday, students work on practice exams to give them the confidence and skills required to pass the exam.  Although EC Montreal is not an official IELTS test venue, we help prepare our students to pass the exam that is offered 2 locations in Montreal. EC Montreal’s success rate is very high!  Students are very satisfied with our course and go on to get very good results when they take the test afterwards. Students must possess an Intermediate level of English in order to participate in this specialty class.  Students take a free trial class giving the teacher an opportunity to assess the students’ language ability.  The moment our trial class students get a taste of the course, they are hooked and sign up right away! All North American Universities accept the IELTS score as a pre-requisite for admittance.  We are proud to offer this preparation course at EC Montreal and congratulate our teachers on helping our students succeed!

Appletini Lounge!

Yesterday EC Montreal held its annual appletini lounge bar activity for its students.  It was our free Wednesday social activity!  EC Montreal’s school theme in September is “An Apple a Day…”.  The month of September in the province of Quebec is apple season!  There are thousands and thousands of acres of apple orchards in our lovely province.  Apple picking with friends and family is a very popular activity this time of year.  We want our EC Montreal students to experience all our local flavours and traditions. We kicked off our month by serving non-alcoholic appletinis in the student lounge.  We served them up in beautiful martini glasses while listening to lounge music. EC Montreal students love to have these moments to interact with each other and the staff.  We look forward to our Wednesday activities as it gives us an opportunity to get to know our students on a more personal and social level! We look forward to our Apple Festival next week and are ready to wow our students with all the different treats made from Quebec apples!

Montreal Burger Week!

EC Montreal students cannot get over how absolutely everything is celebrated in Montreal!  This week we are celebrating the almighty burger!  It is Burger Week from September 1 to September 7! There are 30 restaurants competing to see who has the best burger!  The different restaurants have created their version of a burger masterpiece.  Diners try the burgers at the different spots and have a chance to vote.  What a delicious contest!  The best burger will be named at the end of the month. EC Montreal has been sharing pictures and restaurant posts on its facebook page encouraging our students to get out there and try the different burgers!  Today’s post was a mac ‘n cheese burger!  It is described as the ultimate comfort food! No matter what the season is, there is always something exciting happening in Montreal!  Life sure is tasty at EC Montreal!