Cupcake Madness!

ec cupcake

EC Montreal students participated in a very fun activity yesterday – Cupcake Madness!!  In keeping with our Haunted Oktoberfest theme, we held a cupcake decorating activity in the student lounge.  The work stations were set up with small cupcakes and the most wonderful toppings!  The Halloween theme was alive and well!  Students decorated their cupcakes with toppings such as dirt, worms, eye balls and body parts!  We also had different colours of icing sugar, springles, chocolate chips and marshmallows!

cupcake 1

The students love to have the chance to work together as a team and interact with each other!  This activity gave them the perfect opportunity to do just that!

cupcake 2

We turned the activity into a competition giving the person who created the most interesting cupcake a prize!  All the students entered their most creative cupcake to be judged.  Elisa, our Centre Director, chose the winning cake!

cupcake judgingwinning cupckae

The lounge was so colourful and smelled absolutely divine!  The students adored their afternoon at EC!


Life is sweet at EC Montreal!



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