Need to Take the IELTS Test? Come to Study in our Higher Score Exam Preparation Course!

The IELTS Test has become a very important Exam in Canada as well as in the other countries of the Commonwealth.  Here in Canada, many immigrants and international students must take this test in order to settle down permanently or to register for an anglophone university. This is why more and more students chose to study in the Higher Score IELTS Exam preparation course at EC Montreal. Being well-prepared for the test, helps you of course to score higher in the exam.

In this week’s focus group, 10 students discussed the efficiency of this course offered at EC Montreal. The aim of this focus group is to find out how the Higher Score Exam preparation IELTS course has helped students to improve their English skills, to prepare themselves for the IELTS exams as well as to get feedback on the quality of the course (teaching method, teachers, etc.) offered at EC Montreal.

While having some cake and refreshments, interesting opinions could be shared. The survey brought up an outstanding result:



–          9 out of 10 students think that the Higher Score IELTS Exam Preparation course makes them familiar with the IELTS testing method.

–          9 out of 10 students strongly agree that their teachers are qualified and successfully helped them to reach their goal.

–          9 out of 10 students agree that the Higher Score IELTS Exam Preparation course offered at EC Montreal helps them to improve their English language skills.

Nelba, a student from Mexico, pointed out: “The teaching method of the EC IELTS Exam Preparation course is divided in four steps. Each day of the week focusses on a different skill: On Monday’s we would usually practice reading, on Tuesdays Writing, and Wednesdays Listening and on Thursdays Speaking. Each Friday we simulate an exam situation for which we can prepare ourselves with the materials the teachers give us as well as the homework book given by the school. I really enjoy my course. It helps me to improve my English in a more professional way. I like my teachers and I like the way that we study!”

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