New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Montreal!

Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve?  If you are lucky enough to be in Montreal, the place to be is at the Old Port! The festivities will begin at 7 p.m. with live animations and a DJ.  At 10 p.m., the musical group The Lost Fingers will perform until the countdown to midnight will begin at 11:55 p.m. The New Year will be celebrated with spectacular fireworks.  You can dance the night away to the rhythms of a giant megadisco.  You can dance, cheer and celebrate until 2:00 a.m.! Come join us at EC Montreal and celebrate the beginning of 2014!

Dasol Jung: “They help me and enable me to reach the next goal…”

I’m sure that the best choice I have made this year is to come to Montreal and study English at EC Montreal. Montreal is definitely a multi-cultural city and is welcoming of every single person, no matter where you come from or what your nationality is! I have received tons and tons of generosity from every Montreal person and everyone at EC. Moreover, not only do these people make me happy, but the well-organized curriculum that EC provides satisfies me a lot. Teachers are always compassionate to the classes and they motivate me. Whenever I feel like I’m stuck and in a slump, they help me and enable me to reach the next goal. I really want to share this wonderful experience with others! Dasol Jung

Juliette et Chocolat: EC Montreal’s New Neighbors!

EC Montreal staff and students cheered last week as we welcomed our new neighbors to the building, Juliette et Chocolat!  Juliette et Chocolat is a chain restaurant and chocolate boutique.  Every item on the menu is made with chocolate both their sweet and savoury dishes! EC Montreal will definitely be organizing welcome celebrations, farewell parties and other events at this very trendy and delicious restaurant boutique! EC Montreal’s location is fantastic!  Not only are we situated only 1 minute away from the metro station but we are also located in a shopping mall!  Right downstairs is a food court with over 20 different restaurants.  There are also many shops, cafes, a hairdresser, a dry cleaner, a book shop and movie rental place and now the very famous Juliette et Chocolat! We have also heard that in the next short while we will be welcoming yet another new neighbor, a burger joint called La Belle et La Boeuf!  We can’t wait! Come join us at EC Montreal and experience all the savours and flavours around us! Bon appetit!

Alumni story by Liliana Navarette: EC Montreal Experience

I would like to share my experience while learning English at EC Montreal after almost nine months of being out of school and back in my country Peru where I work as a lawyer. I registered for a five month French course – after arriving to Montreal without knowing how to even say “bonjour” – so trust me, my teachers really worked hard  so I could get a  C2 level – which is a high intermediate level – in an international exam (TEFaQ). The academic aspect was surely not the only thing teachers and all the staff at EC Montreal did for me. They actually handed me a hand when I just needed some help, they care about me like a member of a family. About the other friends I made inside the classroom, well until now I keep in contact with some of my friends from  Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and Mexico. We share some great moments together during the trips we took and during the day and night life activities the school organized for us. I will never forget last New Years parting at  -23° C with a DJ at the old port of Montreal  … things we don’t do quite frequently at this part of the world where the highest temperature is -10 C in the mountains (I´m from the cost). Some of the friends I made back then came to visit me and traveled together through my country, everybody loves Machu Picchu, so next year it’s me the one visiting some EC Montreal friends in their own countries. About my professional life, classes helped me a lot in order to communicate better with French speaker clients, it is easier now to understand the way some of they think after share almost have a year with people from … Read more

Abdulkareem Alhamzah: “I am in love with EC Montreal…”

Hello, my name is Abdulkareem and I am from Saudi Arabia. I am in love with EC Montreal! I chose to come to Montreal because it is a multicultural place and a wonderful city to live in. I am enjoying my experience at EC Montreal in all aspects. I am satisfied with the English courses offered in Montreal, my teachers are awesome, the staff is helpful! I have been taking the role of the Student Ambassador  which is a very good experience for me as I can help other students to succeed in a global community! I would like to thank everybody in Montreal who made my stay special! Kareem

Alumna Shuko Matsumoto Shares her EC Montreal Experience!

I will never forget the first night I arrived in Montreal, on a December day in 2009. I was captivated by the beauty of the snow falling gently and this scene took my breath away! For me, EC Montreal English School is a special place where we were given the motivation to learn a new language.  With the many types of programmes and lessons, we opened our minds to learning about different cultures and traditions.  With the help of my teachers I improved my language skills and grew as a person. Thanks to my EC Montreal experience, I was able to relocate to Canada and begin a new life. I never imagined that I would return to Montreal but God has given me the chance to live here with someone special… Shuko Matsumoto

Barbara Giorgilli: A Touching Alumni Story!

I was studying English in Montreal last year and thanks to EC Montreal I lived the best experience of my life! I had the chance to improve my English enjoying every single day of that beautiful summer. I met a lot of new friends from different countries in the world and now I’m still in contact with them! In EC the teachers and the staff are very friendly and professional at the same time. The classes are always creative and stimulating. I started in the low-intermediate level and after one month I went to the high-intermediate level, but my favorite was definitively the Business Class, since I’m studying Marketing and Management in my country. I really enjoyed the activities organized by the school like karaoke, night clubs, trips, boat parties, etc. The best thing is that in EC every season is magical: they create an event for everything! I remember the jazz festival, the strawberry festival and even now that I’m in my country I still take a look on the Facebook page to see the pictures of all the parties they organize in special occasion like Halloween or Christmas! In conclusion I can say that this experience helped me to grow both culturally and personally and made me more open-minded. I will never forget my journey in Montreal…I will never forget EC!   Barbara Giorgilli

January Calendar of Events: New Year’s Resolutions!

EC Montreal is busy planning the January calendar of events.  The theme this January is New Year’s resolutions!  The weekly social activities at the school will represent the most common resolutions and promises people make in the New Year. As soon as the New Year celebrations come to an end people look at the new year as a fresh start, an opportunity to kick off the year on a positive and healthy note! On January 2, we will celebrate the New Year with our students with a champagne toast.  We will serve sparkeling wine and have students write down their New Year wishes and resolutions on snowflakes. On January 8, we will have a healthy juice bar set up. Students will have an opportunity to prepare their own nutritious shake.  We will be starting off the new year with a much needed cleanse after the calorie filled holiday season! On January 15, we will work out our extra pounds with a power workout!  Ernie, a professional personal trainer will lead a 30-minute exercise session. On January 22, healthy eating is on the menu!  We will set up a salad bar in the student lounge!  Students can fill their plates with plenty of veggies for their lunch! On January 29, we will end the month with a healing yoga session.  It will be the perfect end to the month! Cleansing, exercise, eating well and learning how to relax – those are the most common New Year’s resolutions and we are happy to share them with our students at EC Montreal this January!

Maximiliano Gomes: A Great Alumni Story!

I came to Montreal as an EC Montreal French student and studied for 7 months.  After only a short time in Montreal, I fell in love with the city and decided to stay longer.  EC Montreal needed an activities leader and I decided to apply for the position.  I obtained an on-campus work permit and got the job! It has been an awesome experience transitioning from an EC Montreal student to an EC employee!  I felt comfortable right away because I knew most of the students and was able to lead the activities quite naturally. It has been an amazing experience for me so far! I am meeting people from different cultures and I get to work with a really great team, who I am learning a lot from every single day.  I am also continuing my language learning journey as I get to practice my English and French skills every day! Honestly, I am so thankful to the entire EC Montreal team who have given me this great job!  I thank them for also giving me the opportunity to share my experience with all of you.  For me, EC Montreal is more than a school, it is like being part of a family that cares about its student’s academic and social journey.  They help you achieve your language goals and create opportunities for you to make friends and wonderful memories. Thank you!  Merci beaucoup!

English Courses at EC Montreal

In this week’s focus group at EC Montreal English school, 12 students came together to talk about their English courses. The main aim of this focus group is to find out how the English courses have helped students to improve their English skills as well as to get feedback on the quality of the course (teaching method, teachers, etc.) offered at EC Montreal. While having some cake and refreshments, interesting opinions could be shared. The survey brought up an outstanding result: The students all agreed that their English course has helped them to reach their learning goals! They find their courses interesting, they like their teacher’s teaching methods and the topics of discussion during their lessons. Jelitza, a student from Venezuela, pointed out: “Studying here at EC Montreal has been a memorable experience for me! I have improved my English, which has made me more confident when using it. Learning English at EC has also been a good opportunity to meet new friends, excellent teachers and enjoy the city. I have studied at other language institutes before and I honestly have to say that none of them cared about their students and their progress as much as EC Montreal does!”