English Courses at EC Montreal

In this week’s focus group at EC Montreal English school, 12 students came together to talk about their English courses. The main aim of this focus group is to find out how the English courses have helped students to improve their English skills as well as to get feedback on the quality of the course (teaching method, teachers, etc.) offered at EC Montreal.

While having some cake and refreshments, interesting opinions could be shared. The survey brought up an outstanding result: The students all agreed that their English course has helped them to reach their learning goals! They find their courses interesting, they like their teacher’s teaching methods and the topics of discussion during their lessons.IMG_1943 (800x449)

Jelitza, a student from Venezuela, pointed out:

“Studying here at EC Montreal has been a memorable experience for me! I have improved my English, which has made me more confident when using it. Learning English at EC has also been a good opportunity to meet new friends, excellent teachers and enjoy the city. I have studied at other language institutes before and I honestly have to say that none of them cared about their students and their progress as much as EC Montreal does!”



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