Christian Guadalupe Perez Peralta Shares her EC Montreal Experience!

Christian Perez Peralta is from Mexico.  She has been studying in our Semi-Intensive English Programme, which consists of 24 Lessons of instruction per week, since August 5, 2013.  Today was her last day at EC Montreal.  We are so sad to see her go.  She wanted to share her comments with all of you! I decided to come to Montreal because I thought it would be a good place to learn not only English but because it’s a multicultural city. I am enjoying this experience so much because I have been improving quickly. When I arrived here I couldn’t speak but now I think I am a little better! I have had the opportunity to meet people from other countries and I’ve made good friends. The city is really beautiful and I am glad to have had this experience at EC Montreal! Christian Perez Peralta === EC offers a host of different English Language courses, including basic English in Montreal.

EC Montreal Supports the Shreiner’s Hospital for Sick Children!

Last December, EC Montreal held a bake sale to raise funds for the Shreiner’s Hospital.  We raised a total of $738.00.  We have been holding charity bake sales for the past 10 years, raising money for various charities and initiatives.  For the past 3 years, our charity of choice was the Shreiner’s. We were so impressed by the work, dedication and care given by the Shreiner’s.  They gave us such a warm welcome and spoke to us with such passion and enthusiasm about all the amazing work they do for children around the world. They were also so appreciative and grateful for our support.  They made us feel special. Throughout the year, EC Montreal helps the Shreiner’s Hospital prepare for different fundraishing events.  We believe in what they do and want to contribute to these healing and helping professionals. Today, we presented the Shreiner’s Hospital with our donation cheque.  We were all overcome with the wonderful feeling that comes through giving!

Herzing College – EC Canada’s Pathway Partner!

EC Montreal is happy to announce its pathway partnership with Herzing College. The agreement was signed this week and we couldn’t be more delighted! Herzing College is an extremely reputable institution .  They began in Milwaukee in 1965.  Over the past 50 years, Herzing College has expanded geographically and programmatically under the same leadership to encompass 4 campuses in Canada, where it has become a significant educational force in the markets it serves.  With foundation based on high ethical standards, Herzing’s commitment to the success of its graduates directly benefits employers and the communities in which they reside. Herzing College offers career programmes in Business, Pharmacy, IT and Design.  Admissions require students to possess an IELTS score of 6.5, however, EC students who have completed an Upper Intermediate to High Intermediate level of English will not be required to present the IELTS exam.  EC students will also have the Herzing registration fee waived. Herzing College will also be promoting EC Montreal non-academic services to their students so we can build friendships and partnerships among our student body.  All of EC Montreal’s evening and weekend activities and excursions will be available to Herzing students. We hope EC and Herzing will have a long and fruitful partnership for many years to come! ===== EC offers various English Language courses, including basic English in Montreal.

Happy Cat Café!

There is a new café opening up in the Plateau Mount-Royal called the Happy Cat Café!  The concept comes to us from Asia where these types of establishments have become increasingly popular in recent years.  The café is for those cat lovers who can’t have a pet or need pet therapy. The café will have 20 cats sitting on tables, chairs and roaming around the room interacting with the customers.  Clients are encouraged to play with the cats and to pet them.  The purr from a cat is supposed to be therapeutic.  The owners are calling this “purr therapy”. We will be sure to put this café outing on our summer EC Montreal calendar of events.  We need to check it out in person!

Meet Marina Braga from Brazil!

Marina Braga has been participating in our Bilingual Semi-Intensive programme since early January. Here is what she would like to share with all of you: I chose Canada because it would be a new experience for me to be in a place that’s cold and where I cold learn French and also improve my English. I learned a lot, especially from my homestay as I need to communicate in French and they don’t speak English to me.  They are awesome! I made a lot of friends at EC Montreal, most of htem are Brazilian but as I was in homestay, I was able to practice my French every day. Montreal is an amazing city and I would really like to come back! ====== EC offers many English Courses, including basic English in Montreal.

Are You Ready for a New Challenge in 2014? Come to Study and Work in Canada!

Have you ever dreamed about studying and working abroad? The co-op programmeoffered at EC Montreal makes it possible! This programme allows you to study English and/or French and work afterwards – anywhere in Canada. By participating in this programme, you will be able to learn two languages, practice these languages in real life situations and gain international work experience. Follow the Step-by-Step procedure to register for the co-op programme: Decide how many weeks you would like to study and work. Choose a date for your study-work experience: Please plan a while ahead, as it might take some time to get your permits. Register for the Co-Op programme at EC Montreal. Pay the fees: You will need to attach a Letter of Acceptance from the school to your Visa application. Submit your application for the Study and Work permit to Immigration Canada. Wait and be patient 🙂 Once your application has been approved you can get ready for your Canadian experience! If you would like to have more information about prices and procedures, please consult our webpage or e-mail us! We are already excited to welcome you in our beautiful school!

Poutine Week in Montreal!

Poutine is not Montreal’s national dish, but perhaps it should be!  No visit to Montreal would be complete without feasting on this beloved junk food.  You may ask what is poutine?  It is a dish made up with golden fries, Quebec cheese curds and smothered in beef gravy! Many of Montreal’s eateries have poutine on the menu and there are also many poutineries, that only serve poutine.  They serve many different versions of this traditional Quebec dish. From Feburary 1st to 7th, Montreal will be embroiled in a city-wide poutine competition where you will get the chance to eat, savour, and devour 30 different types of poutines from some of the city’s most respected restos and poutineries. All the featured poutines will be priced at a reasonable $10. EC Montreal will have a welcome poutine activity on February 3.  We encourage all our student to participate and have an opportunity to vote for their favorite poutine!  

Francisco Emir Cabrera Vargas from Mexico Shares his EC Montreal Experience!

Hi, I am Francisco. I chose to study in the Bilingual Programme at EC Montreal to improve both, English and French at the same time. My goal is to sign up for a Master at the Université de Montréal, so EC Montreal helped me to develop a greater confidence in French. Last week I went to an Interview at the University which was held in French and it was a great success! EC Montreal gives students the opportunity to practice the language besides their courses. I enjoy the diversity of the place, which allows me to speak with different people, from different places, who speak with different accents. It’s a marvellous experience to have friends from Latin America, Asia, Europe. Sadly I will finish my course soon, but I will always remember the friendliness of the people. I especially want to thank Katrin who helped me since my first day with different activities, projects and who was always available when I had any kind of question. Thank you! Francisco Emir Cabrera Vargas ==== Apart from the Bilingual Programme chosen by Francisco, EC offers many English Courses, including basic English in Montreal!

Meet Nick McGrath – EC Montreal’s New English Teacher!

We are proud to introduce you to Nick McGrath, EC Montreal’s new English teacher.  He is so happy to join the EC Montreal team and wanted to share these comments with all of you: I have been teaching here at EC since the winter of 2013. Five years earlier, I moved to Montreal from Toronto Ontario and discovered a passion for learning languages. After putting years of effort into discovering the French language, I made the move into the classroom to teach English. I love languages, the sound of words, and the challenge of decoding and discovering a new language. I am also very fond of music and spend much of my free time playing guitar and reading. EC is a school with a wonderful set of staff and teachers. You can feel the positive energy the moment you step into the school or enter one of our classrooms.  The students here are very motivated and they encourage each other in class and beyond the classroom. I am thrilled to be a part of the teaching team here at EC. As a teacher, I enjoy the process of taking the course content and finding its relevance to our students’ lives. My students are always encouraged to discover their own learning path. I love being in an environment where we have the resources to help our students progress through grammatical problems and eventually find their comfort and confidence communicating in a new language. 

Student Presentations – Part of EC Montreal’s Lecture Series!

Adriana Aguilera and Jenny Shin wowed EC Montreal staff and students with their marketing presentations today. Adriana’s presentation focused on neuromarketing, how marketing campaigns use sight, sounds and other senses to lure consumers to purchase their products.  She gave examples of the Pepsi vs Coke campaigns where although in a taste test, most people chose Pepsi, at the time of purchase people chose Coke, as consumers have a deeper connection with Coke because of their “feel good” commercials and powerful world messages.  She also shared a a Candycrush case study and explained why the game is so addictive.  The colours, sounds, images and ease of play are large contributors. Jenny’s presentation was centered around Cause Marketing.  Companies that choose to advertise their products by magnifying their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts.  Consumers would choose to buy from a company that cares about their community, the environment and makes charitable donations.  She illustrated her presentation by giving examples such as Tom Shoes and Samsung in Korea.  Tom Shoes’ campaign is Buy One, Give One.  For every purchase of Tom Shoes, they donate a pair of shoes to the needy in third world countries.  Samsung wanted to address the high suicide rate in their city, which was the highest in the world.  Many of the suicide victims would take their lives from a very famous bridge.  Samsung’s mission was to convert this bridge of death into a bridge of life.  They added banners of light with messages and images of love, life and hope.  As people would cross this bridge, they would be inspired by the quotes and would ultimately, choose life.  Samsung’s commercial does not talk about their products, it only tells the story of this bridge of life.  Their intiatives in this campaign helped to reduce the suicide rate by … Read more