EC Montreal February Calendar of Events!


EC Montreal students are in for a real treat this February!  The theme is “love is all around us”.  As we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, the theme is all about all those romantic clichés; dating, chocolate, romantic comedies and much, much more!

singles bar

The free Wednesday social events include a singles bar activity where will be serving our students different colour drinks; red, green or yellow.  If you order a red drink it means you are taken – STOP!  If you order a green drink it means you are available and looking – GO!  If you order a yellow drink, it means the situation is complicated.  You aren’t with Mr. or Ms. right but Mr. or Ms. RIGHT NOW!  The point of the activity is to help our students find love and to get students to initiate conversations and interact with others.  We have held this activity before and it is always so much fun!

chocolate festival

The following week is Valentine’s Day and what better way to celebrate than with a chocolate festival!  We will be serving many different kinds of chocolate in all its glorious forms!  For those who found love during our dating activity, what is more romantic than getting to know each other over a chocolate fountain?  For those still looking for love, what is more comforting than drowning your sorrows with chocolate?

couples competition

We will be showing a romantic comedy the next week and will end the month with a couples competition.  Great prizes will be given out to the winning couples!

valentines 2

There will be many other wonderful surprises in store for our EC Montreal students this February!  What a sweet month we look forward to!



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