Annual Couples Competition!

EC Montreal English School held its annual couples competition this week.  It was a perfect end to our love themed social events this February! Students teamed up to compete for prizes!  The object of the game was to pop 3 balloons in pairs by using 3 different positions. Sarah, our student counsellor lead the activity and cheered on our competing students.  A group of students laughed and laughed as they watched our students cross the finish line.  The winning couple were our 2 student ambassadors; Kareem and Thanya! EC loves giving its student these wonderful opportunities to enjoy each other’s company!  Life is a blast at EC Montreal!

A Preview of March’s Calendar of Events!

EC English Montreal School is currently planning his March event activity! What active month we look forward to Montreal! We will start the month with a Brazilian carnival activity! We will distribute masks and carnival beads to all our students and serve very festive refreshments! The following week, we will promote our business with a sugar shack maple tea and briefing. We’ll share some fun facts about maple syrup and how it is produced as well as nutritional information on this sweet stuff! On Friday, we will all be Irish for the day! We will serve green beer and hotdogs and encourage any EC Montreal community to wear green! Parade St. Patrick’s Day will be held Sunday, March 16. Max and Patty our moderators will ensure to show our students what a wonderful time can be had at the annual parades! The third week of the month, we will host our annual maple festival! We will serve all kinds of maple products and celebrate the season of maple in Quebec! Many do not know that Quebec produces 80% of maple syrup in the world! The last week of March will include activity pancake breakfast! We can not wait to surprise our students after class with golden hot griddle pancakes! We look forward to the tantalizing aromas that will fill the school! The calendar also includes a trip to the sugar shack, also called La Cabane à Sucre, in French as well as a 3 day trip to Toronto / Niagara Falls from 21 to 23. Our cultural activities include excursions to the Montreal Planetarium, a tour of Old Montreal, a hike on Mount Royal and Casino Night! EC Montreal celebrate the beginning of spring in an exciting way! Come and join us to discover all the flavors and aromas of Montreal!

Annual Languages Canada Conference

EC Montreal attended the annual Languages Canada conference last week.  Every year a different Canadian city hosts the event.  This year the event was held in Toronto.  It is a great opportunity for all the language providers both in the private and public sector to get together to share best practices, to learn from each other and ensure every institution is respecting Languages Canada’s standards in all service areas. Languages Canada is Canada’s premier language organization representing its two official languages: English and French. Membership is limited to programs from the public and private sectors which meet the rigorous standards of the association and who are committed to upholding them. Languages Canada is recognized by the Canadian government and internationally. It was wonderful spending time with Directors of other language centres accross Canada and bonding over our many similarities and learning so much from our differences. EC is a proud member of this association and all the work it does to put Canada on the map as the best destination to learn English and French! If you looking for a Montreal English School, an important criteria to consider is the Languages Canada membership.  It is a guarantee of quality education!

Round Table Discussions on Friday’s at EC Montreal

Come to participate in our Round table discussion this Friday, February 28 at 1:30pm! The discussion will be centered around the Movie “Singin’ in the rain”. If you don’t know this movie, you have the chance to watch it this Wednesday at 3:10. The round table discussion is one of the many free academic activities offered at EC Montreal, usually on Friday afternoons. If you plan to study at EC Montreal English School, you will be able to practice French and English through participating in the free afternoon academic activities. Whether it is a Lecture, a movie afternoon or a French/ English for work preparation clinic – all these activities will allow you to improve your language additionally to your courses.

Meet Andrea Nussbaumer: EC Montreal’s Student Ambassador

EC Montreal English School is proud to introduce you to Andrea Nussbaumer.  She is has joined our team of EC Montreal student ambassadors and we couldn’t be happier! Here is what she would like to share with all of you: My name is  Andrea Nussbaumer and I am from Switzerland. I was born in Lucerne a city in the center part of Switzerland. After finishing school I’ve worked for a while in an office and then I decided to return to university. now I am in my second year of university, I am studying journalism and communication. I am very happy to have the opportunity to be a student ambassador fro EC Montreal. I am sure it will be a rewarding experience!

Meet Thanya Medina: EC Montreal’s Newest Student Ambassador!

EC Montreal English School is happy to introduce you to Thanya Medina!  She has recently joined our team of student ambassadors and is ready to help our new EC Montreal students settle in to their new environment. Here is what she would like to share with all of you: My name is Thanya Medina. I’m 18 years old and I’m from Caracas, Venezuela. I’m half German too. I arrived here at EC Montreal in October 19, 2013.  Since my arrival, I never lost the opportunity to meet new people, just after two days of being the new girl. I met my amazingly awesome friends which are from different parts of the globe. Simply AMAZING! After my studies at EC I will fly back to my country and start my university career in Germany. I’ll study media and communications. YES I simply love to talk and make new friends; it’s one of my favorite things, making new friends and even better from all parts of the world. That’s why I love the idea of becoming an ambassador at EC Montreal! My dream: well, I would love to become a famous actress; many people including my EC friends tell me that I’m perfect for it! I think that this opportunity of being ambassador is totally amazing and one of the best opportunities that EC Montreal could have given me!

Meet Valerie Clayton: A Wonderful Homestay Hostess & More!

  It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you one of  many EC Montreal English School’s very committed host hostess: Valerie Clayton. Valerie has been a homestay host for our school for many years now, and she likes to get involved in the EC Montreal community: guest speaker for our new host family workshops, airport greeter, volunteer for EC Montreal’s fundraising events and more recently EC Montreal’s homestay recruiter of new families. This is what Valerie would like to share with you: “My 10 years experience as a home stay mom have proven to be exciting and very rewarding.  It has brought many new cultures into my home and I have enjoyed sharing our Canadian customs with these foreign students.I am a dedicated, patient person who loves to spend time with students.  I am thrilled to be a home stay recruiter for EC Montreal. If you would like to find out more or have any questions about hosting students please feel free to send me an email  at“ Thank you Valerie for your commitment and enthusiasm!

Hector Lopez from Mexico: “I like to see people happy…”

Hector has been studying in our Bilingual programme in Montreal.  He has such a positive energy about him.  He is enjoying his EC Montreal learning experience.  Here’s what he would like to share with all of you: Hi, my name is Hector Lopez. I chose EC Montreal English School because it seemed to be the perfect place to experience a different life for a while. Since my arrival, I learned so many new things, whether it is being more independent and living on my own, or getting to know how people live in a wonderful city like Montreal. My favourite activity in school is going to Karaoke bars, of which exist so many here in the city. I like to see people happy, and I believe that is what EC Montreal knows perfectly how to do! I appreciate a lot that the staff and the teachers seem to be very interested in each students experience and they try very much to please everyone. I am really happy about my choice to come to Montreal and I will always remember this time, soit dans des photos, soit dans mon ceour! Merci EC Montreal!

Are you ready for the Table Ronde?

Do you want to focus on your speaking skills in French? Come to participate in the Table Ronde, this Friday at 1:30pm! This special lesson on Friday afternoon  is one of many free academic activities offered at EC Montreal English School. If you plan to study ESL Abroad at EC Montreal, you will be able to practice French and English through participating in the free afternoon academic activities. Whether it is a Lecture, a movie afternoon or a French/ English for work preparation clinic – all these activities will allow you to improve your language additionally to your courses. And the best thing is: we offer them for free!

Anna-Maria Grabowski: “my agency recommended EC…”

Anna-Maria has been studying in our General French Programme at EC Montreal.  Here is what she would like to share with all of you: I decided to go to Montreal because I wanted to improve my French but also have the opportunity to enjoy my spare time in an interesting and cultural city. I’m happy with my homestay and have a nice time with the family. My agency recommended EC to me and I’m satisfied with the decision to go to Montreal.