Les Choristes – Movie Afternoons at EC Montreal

This week, watching the movie « Les choristes » is scheduled on EC Montreal’s activity calendar. Each month EC Montreal students enjoy participating in a huge variety of different free activities in the afternoon as part of the Academic Year programme. Besides watching French and English movies, stu … Read more

EC Montreal Winner of the Quality School Award 2014!

The LanguageBookings.com Quality School Award 2014 certifies that EC Montreal has achieved high quality standards in its range of language courses and students services. The LanguageBookings.com Quality School Award is given to schools with high appeal for international students, with an unbroken re … Read more

EC Montreal Team-building Activity!

Last week, EC Montreal staff and teachers got together for our annual team-building activity; sushi-making lessons.  Our Operations Manager, Renee, lead the activity and taught us how to roll our own sushi. We had a variety of ingredients set up so we can create our very own sushi roll!  We had smok … Read more

Annual Maple Syrup Festival at EC Montreal!

Today EC Montreal held its annual Maple Syrup Festival!  It is maple season in the province of Quebec and EC likes to introduce its students to all our local products. The province of Quebec produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup.  There are many maple farms in the region.  When the weather s … Read more

WALL-E It’s Time for a Movie at EC Montreal!

“The year is 2700 and planet Earth is unhabitable. For hundreds of years a robot called WALL-E has been taking out the trash and trying to clean up Earth. WALL-E doesn’t realize that he has found the key to saving the planet.” Come and watch this movie with your classmates and prac … Read more

10 Good Reasons Why Montreal is a Great Destination to Learn!

When you are looking for a school to learn English or French, choosing the destination should be an important part of your decision.  We feel that Montreal is the ideal destination to visit! When we think of Montreal, we think of language, culture and education.  These 3 characteristics are essentia … Read more

Meet Carlo Rojo from Venezuela!

Carlo Rojo has been studying in our Semi-Intensive English programme since February 3, 2014.  Carlo is such an outgoing and curious student.  He actively participates in all our school activities and academic extras. Carlo also volunteered to be part of EC Montreal’s student lecture series and … Read more

A Bilingual Gem Within a French-Speaking Province!

Why choose EC Montreal?  There are so many reasons; beautiful facilities, qualified teachers, friendly staff, welcoming homestay hosts, but the best reason of all – the destination! Montreal is one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world!  We are Canada’s second largest … Read more