Les Choristes – Movie Afternoons at EC Montreal

This week, watching the movie « Les choristes » is scheduled on EC Montreal’s activity calendar. Each month EC Montreal students enjoy participating in a huge variety of different free activities in the afternoon as part of the Academic Year programme. Besides watching French and English movies, students will also have the chance to gain special skills for work in our English/French for work clinic or train their oral comprehension on special lecture and pronunciation classes. The best thing is that all these activities are free for our students! If you think about studying English or French abroad, EC Montreal is the right place to do so because we can assure you that you will receive even more services than what you paid for! “Les choristes” – translated “The chorus”- is a French Drama released in 2004 and directed by Christophe Barratier. This well-known movie-musical narrates the story of Pierre Morhange who returns to France when his mother dies. The mayor part of the movie is based on a flash-back which shows us Pierre Morhange’s childhood and youth in a boarding institution for difficult boys, called “Fond de l’Etang” (Bottom of the pond) and how his music teacher Clement Mathieu brightens his life through music. The film music of “Les choristes” was composed by Bruno Coulais. The boys participating in the choir in the film, had several performances and gave several concerts.  

Valentina Mammoli from Italy: “Surely I will recommend EC to my friends…”

Valentina Mammoli from Italy is participating in EC Montreal’s General English Programme.  She has enjoyed her experience so much that she decided to extend her stay with us.  We couldn’t be more delighted!  Valentina is full of energy and has a wonderful thirst for learning!  Here is what she would like to share with all of you: I chose EC Montreal because many people told me that this is a nice place to learn English. In this school there are many activities and I could meet many friends and good teachers. Surely I will recommend EC to my friends!!

EC Montreal Winner of the Quality School Award 2014!

The LanguageBookings.com Quality School Award 2014 certifies that EC Montreal has achieved high quality standards in its range of language courses and students services. The LanguageBookings.com Quality School Award is given to schools with high appeal for international students, with an unbroken record of best value for money compared to hundreds of schools served by LanguageBookings.com. In addition, they show a high quality in education, course availability and impeccable customer service history. EC Montreal is proud to accept this award!

EC Montreal Team-building Activity!

Last week, EC Montreal staff and teachers got together for our annual team-building activity; sushi-making lessons.  Our Operations Manager, Renee, lead the activity and taught us how to roll our own sushi. We had a variety of ingredients set up so we can create our very own sushi roll!  We had smoked salmon, cream cheese, shrimp, cucumber, red pepper, avocados and so many other delicious ingredients. It was so much fun interacting with our work colleagues while learning how to prepare sushi.  We laughed and talked and enjoyed each other’s company! We all tried each other’s sushi and laughed at our very creative inventions! The EC Montreal team is as strong as ever and committed to creating a wonderful environment for our students!

Annual Maple Syrup Festival at EC Montreal!

Today EC Montreal held its annual Maple Syrup Festival!  It is maple season in the province of Quebec and EC likes to introduce its students to all our local products. The province of Quebec produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup.  There are many maple farms in the region.  When the weather starts to get warmer, the soil produces a lot of water.  This water rises up into the trees.  They are then pierced with special equipment and buckets are hung from the holes.  The water accumulates in the buckets and they are collected every day.  This water is then boiled to evaporate as much as the water as possible.  The longer it boils the sweeter the liquid, which is the maple syrup know and love! We served our students an array of maple products like maple cookies, sugar cones, maple tarts, maple pies, candies, popcorn and maple flavoured milk. The students enjoyed going from table to table to sample the different sweets prepared with our very own maple syrup! Next week, the maple theme continues with a pancake breakfast! Life is sweet at EC Montreal!

Jeanani Diogo from Brazil: “It was an amazing experience in every way…”

Jeanani has been studying in our General English Programme at EC Montreal.  Here is what she would like to share with all of you: At the beginning I was afraid to go to Montreal since my intention was to improve my English skills and I was told that the main language in town is French. However, anywhere I would go, people slowed down to be friendly and patient. At the school I was very welcome and well received and instructed. The teachers guided me to the best class for me according to my goals, so the classes were very useful. The weather was a little colder than I’m used to, but it didn’t make the experience any less pleasant! It was an amazing experience in every way and I already miss Montreal and EC.

WALL-E It’s Time for a Movie at EC Montreal!

“The year is 2700 and planet Earth is unhabitable. For hundreds of years a robot called WALL-E has been taking out the trash and trying to clean up Earth. WALL-E doesn’t realize that he has found the key to saving the planet.” Come and watch this movie with your classmates and practice your listening, note-taking, writing and speaking. The movie will be shown three times at EC Montreal this week: on Tuesday, March 18 at 1:30, Wednesday, March 19 at 1:30 and 3:15. The round table discussion about the movie will take place on Friday, March 21 in room 8. If  you are looking for a great opportunity to practice your listening, vocabulary and speaking skills, participating in the movie activity and the round table discussion afterwards is highly recommended!

10 Good Reasons Why Montreal is a Great Destination to Learn!

When you are looking for a school to learn English or French, choosing the destination should be an important part of your decision.  We feel that Montreal is the ideal destination to visit! When we think of Montreal, we think of language, culture and education.  These 3 characteristics are essential in helping our EC Montreal students succeed in a global community! Here are our top 10 reasons why Montreal is the best destination to learn a language! Montreal is the 2nd largest Canadian city (3.6 million people) and the largest bilingual (English and French) city in the world Cost of Living – Montreal is one of the largest cities in the world that offers the most affordable prices according to Prices and Earnings: A Comparison of Purchasing Power Around the Globe, a study conducted by the Union des Banques Suisses (2008) Clean & Safe Efficient Transit System- Montreal won top awards in 2010 for having the best public transportation system in North America Most Cosmopolitan City in North America- Montreal ranked by British firm QS as best student city in Canada Nightlife & On-going Festivals Food Lovers’ Paradise with more than 6000 restaurants on the island! Art Lovers’ Paradise with great number of museums, art galleries and performing arts; L’opéra de Montréal, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens and many theatre companies. Nature Lovers’ Paradise approximately 1000 parks on the island:  17 large parks with an area of nearly 2,000 hectares; 10 Eco-territories of 3000 hectares; 350 km of bike paths Student city with 4 large universities;  McGill, Concordia, UQAM and Université de Montréal

Meet Carlo Rojo from Venezuela!

Carlo Rojo has been studying in our Semi-Intensive English programme since February 3, 2014.  Carlo is such an outgoing and curious student.  He actively participates in all our school activities and academic extras. Carlo also volunteered to be part of EC Montreal’s student lecture series and gave a wonderful presentation.  Carlo is a dentist back home and he presented on his volunteer experience for the needy in Venezuela.  He travelled with a team of doctors and other medical professionals to assist this remote area of his country.  He spoke with so much passion and pride about this experience. Here is what Carlo would like to share with all of you: I’m from Venezuela, and I chose EC  Montreal because a friend of mine spoke highly about it and then I got curious and wanted to give it a try. What a surprisingly amazing experience I had on my first day, and the second and now I’ve been here for a month and every day is like the first day! Because of this, I highly recommend EC because they really want you to improve.

A Bilingual Gem Within a French-Speaking Province!

Why choose EC Montreal?  There are so many reasons; beautiful facilities, qualified teachers, friendly staff, welcoming homestay hosts, but the best reason of all – the destination! Montreal is one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world!  We are Canada’s second largest city, however, we have a small town feel because of our wonderful transportation system and because all our attractions are centralized. Montreal is an island with a mountain right in the middle called Mount-Royal.  Mount-Royal represents Montreal’s highest peak.  By law, no building in Montreal can exceed its height; 737 feet.  This is to ensure the city is bright, not darkened by large sky scrapers and to ensure we always have a panoramic view of the city from the mountain. St. Laurent Boulevard is an important part of the city it divides the city between East and West.  The east is generally more French and the west is more English.  We can clearly see this on our homestay maps.  We have identified the English, French and Bilingual speaking homestay hosts by colours; English is red, French is blue and Bilingual is white.  The map illustrates large areas of red and blue with white specks found throughout.  A student can therefore be fully immersed in English or French. Montreal has over 6000 restaurants on the island of Montreal.  We are known as the Gastronomy capital of Canada.  Second to New York City, we have the most restaurants per capita.  There are many celebrity chefs who own restaurants here; Jamie Oliver, Chuck Hugues and Gordon Ramsay, just to name a few.  Whatever you are in the mood for, you will find it in Montreal. We are the most cosmopolitan city in the world.  We have the most diversity in our immigrants.  Many will ask, why is that … Read more