EC Montreal: Classrooms That We’re Proud Of!

The re-vamping that our school was long waiting for finally happened this past Friday! So welcome to the newly redecorated EC Montreal classrooms!

IMG_3518 (800x533)

Office staff and teachers, we were all glad to see this project through! After a lot of hard work mainly by our center director, Elisa ( shopping for furniture for a school can be both fun and nerve-racking especially when you have a budget to respect), our EC Montreal student experience is now further enhanced but this practical and aesthetically very pleasing furniture: a beautiful blend of practicality and aesthetics.

IMG_3516 (800x533)

With a nice blend of colors: orange and very light gray, to complement the official EC colors: orange and white, we are convinced that the new furniture will make the learning environment more pleasant for all of our student with its practicality and smart look!

IMG_3509 (800x533)



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