Beatriz Rodriguez from Venezuela: “Here in this city, you find people from all over the world!”

beatriz rodriguez

Meet Beatriz Rodriguez from Venezuela!  She has been participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive English Programme since the beginning of the year.  She and her partner Carlo have fallen in love with Montreal!  Here is what she would like to share with all of you:

beatriz rodriguez (2)

Hi all, I am Beatriz from Venezuela. So far, my experience at EC Montreal has been a marvellous one! I chose Montreal because I really wanted to make a global experience. Here in this city, you find people from all over the world, it’s a multicultural melting-pot! The school have me the chance to make friends with people from different cultures, beliefs and I managed to feel more comfortable with the English language.

I started in Low Intermediate and attend now the Intermediate class, Global Citizenship and Business English in the afternoon. I would definitely recommend EC Montreal to others, since I really enjoy my lessons and teachers!

I am also happy to participate in the AY-program, which is offered to long-term students who stay half a year or more. This program offers students to participate in a large variety of different academic activities such as movies, lecture, round table discussions and much more.



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