EC’s Got Talent!

high intermediate class

EC Montreal’s High Intermediate English class put on a talent show for us today!  We were all so impressed by the talent possessed by our students!

Maria Elena and Souha gave their students this class project and boy did they run with it!


Some students decided to show off their talent live, while others showed video clips displaying their skills!  We had singers, dancers, skiiers, sky divers, musicians, artists, soccer players, skaters and so much more!

The entire school was invited to the show.  There was a master of ceremonies, greeters and a panel of judges.

dancer too dancer

They captivated the audience with their wonderful show.  They received a very loud and energetic applause!


There were two winners; one for the best live performance and the other for the best video.  Saki, our very talented dancer won for the best video and Anne won for singing to us live.  She sang country roads by John Denver and had everyone singing along!

What a wonderful morning we had at EC Montreal!  One thing is definitely for sure, EC students have got talent!!



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