A Milestone Moment for Mariko!

Mariko is an Academic Year student who is placed at our elementary level of English.  Purchasing a ticket to the Cirque du Soleil on her own was a very big moment for her!  She was so proud of this small achievement!  It was a real milestone moment during her language adventure at EC Montreal.  Here is what she would like to share with all of you:


“Hi, my name is Mariko. I ‘ve been here for 2 months.

About 2 weeks ago I bought two tickets for Cirque du Soleil by myself.

I was very happy because I can’t speak English well, but I could do that.   I will never forget the day…And I want to learn English more and more.”

We hope Mariko will keep up the great work and communicate many more milestone moments with us!  We are so proud of her!!



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