EC Montreal Celebrates Living In Magazine Article!

EC Montreal was delighted to read an article released by Living In Magazine this week!  They listed Montreal as one of the three best cities for dating! Many would agree that Montreal has something special!  It is a magical city with picturesque views that add to the romance and charm that are embed … Read more

EC Montreal’s Young Learners Team are Ready for Action!

Today, EC Montreal held its training day for our Young Learner’s team!  They are so excited to lead our group of teenagers on the many wonderful activities we have planned. We took the time to brainstorm some new activity ideas and came up with amazing down time activities and rainy day altern … Read more

Summer Picnic at EC Montreal!

This week, EC Montreal held a summer picnic party in the student lounge!  We have a lot to celebrate!!  Everyone has World Cup Fever, summer has arrived, on the 24th of June we celebrated La Fete Nationale du Quebec and on July 1st it’s Canada Day!!  The sun is shining, the weather is nice and … Read more

EC Montreal Celebrates La Fete Nationale du Québec!

June 24 is a national holiday in the province of Quebec.  According to the catholic religion, the 24th of June is St. John the Baptiste day.  French Canadian, being extremely religious in the past adopted St. John to be Quebec’s patron saint.  Over the years, this holiday became very special t … Read more

EC Montreal Looks Forward to July!

The month of July is quickly approaching and EC Montreal has a ton of exciting events planned!  July is definitely one of EC Montreal’s most exciting months!  It is festival season in Montreal!  We plan to give our students a taste of everything Montreal has to offer! Our free weekly activitie … Read more

Want to Work for FIFA? You Need to Speak English!

With 32 countries represented at the World Cup, did you ever wonder what languages the referees speak to the players on the field?  The answer is English!  All FIFA staff are required to speak English to the players, managers and coaches. English continues to be an important global language.  If you … Read more

FIFA Party at the Varcity 515!

Last Tuesday, EC Montreal hosted a FIFA party at the Varcity 515 Residence!  It was an exciting match as Brazil was playing Mexico.  EC Montreal presently has 15% Brazilian students, so our Mexican supporters were a little outnumbered. We served traditional Brazilian snacks and the very popular cock … Read more

EC Montreal’s Annual Strawberry Festival!

It is strawberry season in the province of Quebec!  There are so many fruit farms that grow berries.  It has become tradition for families or school groups to head out to these strawberry fields and spend the day picking and eating delicous berries. At EC Montreal, we like to give our students a tas … Read more

Meet Sacha Khoury, EC Montreal’s New English Teacher!

EC Montreal is proud to introduce you to Sacha Khoury!  She recently joined our team of English teachers.  She is extremely passionate about teaching! Here is what she would like to share with all of you: Hi! My name is Sacha I am half British and half Lebanese and have been in Montreal for 10 month … Read more