EC Montreal Celebrates La Fete Nationale du Québec!

june 24

June 24 is a national holiday in the province of Quebec.  According to the catholic religion, the 24th of June is St. John the Baptiste day.  French Canadian, being extremely religious in the past adopted St. John to be Quebec’s patron saint.  Over the years, this holiday became very special to Quebecers and has come to represent pride and love for our province rather than a religous holiday.

EC Montreal will be closed on the 24th of June, however, we have made plans for our students to enjoy all the festivities taking place around the city.  There are celebrations, concerts and fireworks in many parks around the city!

We will be going to the de Maisonneuve park to enjoy the free concerts followed by fireworks at the Old Port!

At EC Montreal we like to give our students many opportunities to interact with local poeple and to get a taste of all our customs, traditions and flavours!

Happy Quebec Day!



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