African Dance Lessons at EC Montreal!

The city of Montreal is hosting its annual Festival Nuits d’Afrique!  It is a festival that showcases the best of Africa!  There are dance shows and musical performances at the different stages set up in the festival area.  At EC Montreal, we like to give a taste of the different events taking … Read more

EC Montreal: “Be Our Guest”

When you come to EC to learn English and French in Montreal, you should expect a lot more!  You should expect to be treated as our guest!  The EC Montreal team works hard every day to make the student experience a positive one!  The team is here for our students, who are our special guests!  We will … Read more

EC Montreal Celebrates Christmas in July!

Santa came to visit EC Montreal yesterday to help us celebrate Christmas in July!  He is vacationing in tropical Montreal and made a stop to surprise our students with summer treats! He first popped in to meet our Young Learners at Dawson College.  He went classroom to classroom distributing ice cre … Read more

A Magical Evening in Old Montreal with EC!

Every month, EC Montreal puts a tour of Old Montreal on our social events calendar.  Old Montreal is definitely one of the most magical and romantic attractions of the city!  It’s old European charm with cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafés and street performers add to its charm! The tour consi … Read more

Kevin From France: “It was a great experience…”

Kevin will be completing his General English lessons tomorrow.  He really wants to stay longer to complete his level.  He has really enjoyed his English course experience and wants to share his comments with all of you: I chose Montreal because it’s a beautiful and peaceful city. I am learning Engli … Read more