African Dance Lessons at EC Montreal!

The city of Montreal is hosting its annual Festival Nuits d’Afrique!  It is a festival that showcases the best of Africa!  There are dance shows and musical performances at the different stages set up in the festival area.  At EC Montreal, we like to give a taste of the different events taking place in the city right here at the school! Today, we asked one of the entertainers from the festival to come in to give our EC Montreal students a free African dance lesson! The African tribal music was playing and the dancer moved so smoothly to the beat of the drums!  We all tried to follow along but it was really difficult!  We laughed and did our best to dance and got an amazing workout as a result! EC Montreal loves giving our students these wonderful opportunities to learn something new and to have a great time! Life is a festival at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal: “Be Our Guest”

When you come to EC to learn English and French in Montreal, you should expect a lot more!  You should expect to be treated as our guest!  The EC Montreal team works hard every day to make the student experience a positive one!  The team is here for our students, who are our special guests!  We will go out of our way to ensure our students have a pleasant, inspiring and memorable stay in Montreal! We make sure to give each and every student personal attention and care!  We will know and remember your name, we will celebrate your birthday, we will answer your questions and listen to your needs.  This is EC Montreal’s guarantee to you! We want EC Montreal to be your home away from home!  Here you are family and you are in good hands!

EC Montreal Celebrates Christmas in July!

Santa came to visit EC Montreal yesterday to help us celebrate Christmas in July!  He is vacationing in tropical Montreal and made a stop to surprise our students with summer treats! He first popped in to meet our Young Learners at Dawson College.  He went classroom to classroom distributing ice cream to all the students – the naughty and nice! Later, he surprised our adult students in the student lounged.  He continued to distribute ice cream from his sack and took pictures with everyone! July 25 is considered Christmas in July in North America.  Many camps celebrate this day as we will not see each other during the winter time. Christmas in July has become a tradition at EC Montreal and our students really enjoy it!

Vera Pavlova From Russia: “It couldn’t have been better…”

Vera Pavlova is a student from Russia participating in our English for Work programme at our English language centre in Montreal.  Here is what she would like to share about her EC Montreal experience! I had a really good time at EC Montreal.  It couldn’t have been better!  I took business English course and found it very useful.  I especially enjoyed the business elective class.  The teacher Sasha is very professional, kind and friendly. During the Global Citizenship classes with Melissa, we discussed actual subjects like, human trafficking in the world, basketball diplomacy in North Korea and many other subjects. During my studies, I met people from all over the world and I made a lot of friends!

A Magical Evening in Old Montreal with EC!

Every month, EC Montreal puts a tour of Old Montreal on our social events calendar.  Old Montreal is definitely one of the most magical and romantic attractions of the city!  It’s old European charm with cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafés and street performers add to its charm! The tour consists of a visit to Notre Dame Basilica, a visit to the quartier des artistes (artist district) and down to the port.  Walking along the docks at the Old Port is so exciting.  You have a breathtaking view of Montreal’s skyline and you can see all the beautiful boats and yaghts lined up along the dock.  Many people host parties on their boats and it is much fun watching Montrealers celebrating summer! People can rent out bikes or paddle boats at the Old Port and take a scenic tour along the shore line. It is also a great spot to watch the fireworks during the summer fireworks exhibition! EC Montreal students can’t help falling in love with Montreal!

Melanie Spuehler From Switzerland Loves Her Quebecoise Homestay Family!

Melanie, who is participating in EC Montreal’s General French programme is having a wonderful Montreal adventure.  One of the main reasons is due to her great connection with her homestay hosts!  Here is what she would like to share with all of you: I had the opportunity to stay with a homestay family that was the best!!  They were born in the province of Quebec and it is the reason why they know so much about Quebec. I therefore learn not only French but I am learning about another culture altogether. My hosts are so generous and kind.  I am starting to feel a little more Canadian every day. I want to thank EC Montreal for this memorable experience!

Kevin From France: “It was a great experience…”

Kevin will be completing his General English lessons tomorrow.  He really wants to stay longer to complete his level.  He has really enjoyed his English course experience and wants to share his comments with all of you: I chose Montreal because it’s a beautiful and peaceful city. I am learning English but I wish I could have stayed longer to improve my level. I liked to speak and discuss with other students. In France we have more writing and less speaking in English courses. I liked the devices in all classrooms, especially the new chairs, tables and the high-tech white boards. It was a great experience!

Mickael Droniou From France: “I enjoyed a lot the different activities…”

Mickael Droniou is registered in EC Montreal’s General English Programme.  Here is what he would like to share with all of you: I chose this destination because Canada is a beautiful country!  I enjoyed a lot all the different activities and communicating with other nationalities. I improve my grammar using all the different tenses.  I will remember this experience fondly.  I have made so many wonderful friends from Asia and  South America. Thank you EC Montreal for this amazing experience!

Loic Benet From France: “I would warmly recommend EC to a friend…”

Loic Benet is participating in EC Montreal’s General English programme.  Here is what he would like to share with all of you: I chose Canada because I always wanted to come here for a long time. I learned so many things about many nationalities, not only Canadian. My favorite EC activity was Niagara Falls because the guide was good and everything was already organized.  What I liked the most is to meet new people. I would warmly recommend EC to a friend.  I have made new friends come from all around the world!

Guillaume Chan Wai Nan From France: “I liked the teachers…”

Guillaume Chan Wai Nan participated in EC Montreal’s General English programme.  He loved his full immersion English course and wanted to share his comments with all of you: I chose this destination because I wanted to visit Montreal. I improved the speaking of my English a lot. I liked the teachers and the students who were very nice with me. I’ll recommend EC Montreal to my friends because it’s a good way to speak English.  I have made wonderfl friends from Colombia, Mexico and Europe too!! This stay is one of the best I ever did and I’ll remember it always!!