Ice Cream Makes Everybody Smile at EC Montreal!

Yesterday, EC Montreal held an ice cream bar activity!  We decorated each table with towers of ice cream cones, toppings and sauces.  Each table in the student lounge had a huge bucket of ice cream! Once the 3:00 p.m. bell rang letting students out of class, the students raced to the lounge to participate in our ice cream activity! EC Montreal loves to give our students these wonderful opportunities to interact with one another in a social setting.  It gives them a chance to practice their language skills, make friends and have a great time.  These special moments allow our students to bond and feel like part of a family at EC!

Daniela Emmi Sanchez From Venezuela: “I am looking forward to coming back…”

Daniela Emmi is a lovely young woman from Venezuela.  She has been participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive French Programme, which consists of 30 Lessons per week, since July 2014.  She will be leaving us next month but before ending her studies, she wanted to share her EC experience with everyone! Here is what she would like to say about EC Montreal: I chose this destination because I wanted to learn French and at the same time practice my English. I learnt many things from other cultures, more than just the language. My French improved very much. I love after class activities at EC because you share the experience with many people. I also love that EC is always looking out to help students integrate in the community. I definitely would recommend EC to a friend. I’ve had a grateful experience here at EC Montreal I made friends from everywhere. I will take with me lots of good memories and I am looking forward to coming back!

Breno From Brazil: “I learned about Friendship…”

Breno has been participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive French Programme which consists of 30 Lessons of instruction per week.  He is such a warm and caring student who has developed friendships with students from all over the world! He will be completing his studies at EC Montreal next month.  We will be so sad to see him go.  Here is what he would like to share with everyone about his EC experience: I chose EC Montreal because I wanted to learn French and practice my English at the same time, but when I arrived here I learned much more than this. I learned about friendship and partnership, not only with the students but also with the teachers and the EC Montreal’s Staff. The only thing that I regret is not spending more time here at EC Montreal.

Saki Kogita From Japan: “I would recommend EC to a friend…”

Saki Kogita has been studying at EC for a full year!  She began her studies at EC Toronto last August 2013 and will be completing her studies at EC Montreal this week.  She is a multi-destination student participating in our Academic Year 30 Lesson Programme. After a full year at EC, this is her final week.  She has been with us for so long that we feel she is part of our EC Montreal family. Here is what she would like to share with all of you about her EC experience: I chose Montreal because I stayed in Toronto but I didn’t know any other country than mine so I wanted to visit and stay in Montreal. At EC I improved a lot my English level! Because that I could communicate with other people from all over the world now I can speak with more fluency than before. I’m glad that I could meet a lot of people and learn about new cultures too. I would recommend EC Montreal to a friend!!!

Gonzalo Enrique Barreto Bello From Venezuela: “Every Wednesday, they create a little festival in school…”

Goonzalo Barreto has been participating in EC Montreal’s English Intensive Programme since May.  His last day at EC is rapidly approaching and we will be so sad to see him go.  Today, Gonzalo gave a presentation as part of EC Montreal’s Student Lecture Series.  He presented on his admiration for a company in Venezuela called Polar.  He explained that in a time of such turmoil in Venezuela, there is a need for companies like Polar who have strong values and demonstrate corporate social responsibility towards their employees and their community. Today, Gonzalo wrote a testimonial.  He wanted to share his EC experience with all of you: My experience in EC has been one of the best in my life. The city is amazing with a lot of parks and sculptures around, which makes Montreal very interesting city and also a little paradise for me. The school is awesome, since the first day the people have been very friendly. I made a lot of friends here., the teachers and the staff are great, also very kind and nice. I have been improving my English a lot, the methods that the teachers use are dynamic and very good I have to say. Also every Wednesday they create a little festival in school to share and eat something. You can make a lot of new friends in there, for real.

Nuit Blanche Street Festival this Weekend!

EC Montreal is looking forward to a long weekend.  Monday is Labor Day and most business and establishments will be closed.  EC Montreal has a beach day at the Clock Tower Beach scheduled this Saturday; however, we encourage everyone to check out Nuit Blanche on Mount-Royal sometime during our long weekend! One final street festival is going to end the summer in Montreal with an epic and artistic bang! Nuit Blanche sur Tableau Noir (NBTN), will be transforming Mont-Royal Avenue into a combo sidewalk sale, art festival, and nightlife hub for 4 days from August 28 to August 31. Nuit Blanche in French means sleepless night.  This means that the festivities will take place all night long.  When a French speaker says that they spent une nuit blanche it means they didn’t sleep a wink! The festival will include art, cinema, workshops, live musical performances and food!  There will be food trucks out on the street and a special patio will be set up.  There will be plenty of eating and drinking going on! The NBTN festival will be held on Mont-Royal Avenue, from St. Laurent all the way to d’Iberville.  There is a lot to see and check out during the 4 day festival.

No Such Thing as September Blues at EC Montreal!

The month of September is right around the corner.  This means back to school for many people, but at EC, it’s always time for school!  We had a very busy summer and welcomed hundreds and hundreds of international students!  We welcomed students from over 40 different countries!  The world really does come to us! It is technically still summer until September 20 and at EC Montreal we plan to make the most of the last warm month of the year!  We usually experience Indian summer this time of year.  The autumn foliage begins but yet it is warm enough to enjoy so many outdoor activities; like piknicing, sports and nature walks! The month of September is apple season!  The province of Quebec has many apple orchards where visitors can go spend the day picking apples in the country.  We will be celebrating the apple next month – it is our taste of Montreal in September!  September’s thme is “An Apple a Day…”  We will be hiding an apple around the school every day.  Each apple has a question.  The student who finds the apple must take it to the office and answer the question to win a prize.  Every question is “apple” related! The free social activities on Wednesdays also have an apple theme.  We will kick off the month with our annual Apple Festival!  We will serve many kinds of apple treats and the different types of apples that grow right here in Quebec! The following week, we will celebrate Korean Thanksgiving!  We will wear traditional Korean attire and serve delicious Korean dishes! On September 17, EC Montreal will host its annual Apple Pancake Breakfast!  Paula, our grill master, will be busy flipping pancakes and serving them with a tasty apple topping! The last week of September, we will … Read more

EC Montreal’s Annual Corn Festival!

Yesterday, EC Montreal held its annual Corn Festival at the school.  It is corn season in the province of Quebec.  We have miles and miles of corn fields in nearby farms. Quebec corn is typically sweeter.  It has two colours; white and yellow.  They call this “peaches and cream” kernals.  The whiter the kernals, the sweeter the corn. We went directly to the farm to pick up ten dozen corn on the cobs.  We chucked, cleaned, cut and boiled them.  At the school, we smothered them in butter and roasted them on our grill.  The smell of butter and the sweetness of the corn drifted along the school corridors and into the classrooms.  It aromas were heavenly! We also served corn chips, popcorn and delicious corn salsa!  Each table had corn decorations.  We created a festive atmosphere to celebrate this special corn season! At EC Montreal, we love to give our students a taste of our local flavours.  Every month, we introduce students to what we call “a taste of Montreal”.  The month of September, for example, is apple season. These festivals and social activities also give our students wonderful opportunities to interact with one another. Life is sweet as corn at EC Montreal!

Jasmin Rupf From Switzerland: “my new EC family…”

Jasmin Rupf is a young lady from Switzerland participating in EC Montreal’s French Semi-Intensive programme, which consists of 24 Lessons per week. Here is what she would like to share about her EC experience: Montreal, Canada is a nice destination!  I wanted to improve my French for my studies back home.   Here, I improved my French a great deal and in addition, I met many people. It has been an absolute pleasure being here with my new EC family!

Stefania Garbellini From Switzerland: “I improved my French skills…”

Stefania Garbellini is a French student from Switzerland.  She is participating in EC Montreal’s French Intensive programme which consists of 30 Lessons of instruction per week. Here is what she would like to share with all of you about her EC experience: I chose Montreal because I have always been attracted to Canada.  I need to learn French for my University programme. I really like Montreal because it’s a bilingual city.  I feel that at EC Montreal I improved my French skills a great deal and I made a lot of new friends. I also adored my homestay family!  Thank you EC Montreal!