Daniela Emmi Sanchez From Venezuela: “I am looking forward to coming back…”

Daniela Emmi is a lovely young woman from Venezuela.  She has been participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive French Programme, which consists of 30 Lessons per week, since July 2014.  She will be leaving us next month but before ending her studies, she wanted to share her EC experience with everyone!

Here is what she would like to say about EC Montreal:

Daniela Emmi Sanchez

I chose this destination because I wanted to learn French and at the same time practice my English. I learnt many things from other cultures, more than just the language. My French improved very much. I love after class activities at EC because you share the experience with many people.

I also love that EC is always looking out to help students integrate in the community. I definitely would recommend EC to a friend. I’ve had a grateful experience here at EC Montreal I made friends from everywhere.

I will take with me lots of good memories and I am looking forward to coming back!



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