Discover Parc Jean Drapeau (written by Ana Cristina Jung, EC Montreal Student Ambassador)

Jean Drapeau Parc is a nice alternative to go when you have a beautiful sunny Sunday. Go to Berri Uqam Metro station and take the yellow line to Jean Drapeau station and Voilà! You are there. You should bring your credit card and rent a bike because the park is really big that you will be tired to walk. You can visit the biosphere, which is a big globe made of metallic structures with a biology museum inside. To visit the museum, you need to pay $12. It is very interesting for people who love nature. And for those who love adventure, there is La Ronde, part of Six Flags family, with Russian mountains and extreme activities. It is an obligatory stop for everyone who visits Montreal! You have a nice view of St. Laurence river from Jacques Cartier bridge that connects the two islands of Jean Drapeau- Ile Notre Dame and Ile Saint Helene. On the other side of the bridge, you can find the autodrome open for walking, cycling, etx… It is amazing! You can see the Casino, the gardens, full or flowers, the beach area and a fantastic view of Montreal’s downtown. So,  you can still exploring the island or you can bcome back to Montreal’s downtown on a boat, enjoying the sunset! Remember to bring some food and water when you visit the park as there are not many places to buy them. EC Montreal also organizes many activities here so make sure you join all of them. Enjoy!  

Student Testimonial by Hayoung Hwang From Korea

I chose EC Montreal because of the Academic Year Program. Since I decided to study English late (after the age of 30), it was very important for me to have the One-to-One tutoring system with AY program. Of course, we receive feedback from our teacher for the morning classes on a regular basis and we also meet one-to-one every 4 weeks. However, I get even more feedback and more details about my progress from my AY tutor. My tutor identifies my weaknesses and assign extra work to work on them. This truly speeds up my learning progress and helps me improve so much faster. I also get information about useful websites and other resources that I can use on my own. Teaching staff at EC Montreal is amazing. Maria Elena is my AY tutor and she is always energetic and passionate. My morning class teacher, Daniela, understands her students’ needs and pays full attention to each of them. She suggested that I write daily journal to improve my writing skills and has been correcting my writing every day. In addition, EC Montreal offers various activities to motivate students and give them a chance to interact with each other. All EC Montreal staff regularly communicate with students to help them improve their English. I am very satisfied with EC Montreal and enjoying my stay here.  

“EC Montreal is great” by Junghan JJ Jung

I am really enjoying my new life in Montreal and studying at EC Montreal. EC Montreal offers quality courses and a great nationality mix. It has been very interesting to experience new culture and languages. As an AY student, I receive more feedback and personalized care from my AY tutor and this system helps me tremendously. Cost of living in Montreal is lower than I expected, which is great, and I like everything about the city. Montreal is a real cosmopolitan city with no racism. I also like the fact that you are exposed to the French language and environment. I plan to come back next year to Montreal!

Testimonial by Sugyeong Sue Ha

I saw pictures of many different cities before choosing where to study English. Among all the cities I have seen pictures of, Montreal looked most beautiful and that is why I decided to come here to study. I have been studying English at EC Montreal for the last 8 months and I really feel like I improved a lot. I went to Toronto to study for a little bit but ended up coming back because I missed my school, friends and Montreal too much. At EC Montreal, teachers are great and students are very friendly. I am always motivated and excited to go to school every morning. EC Montreal also offers so many events for its students. It offers free food on numerous occasions and organizes activities so the students, staff and teachers can interact with each other. We became close to each other and I will miss them a lot when I return to Korea. I am very glad that I came to Montreal. There are many festival, especially in summer. People in Montreal are extremely nice and helpful, and they understand when I don’t speak English well. I also feel much safer in Montreal than in other cities because it is easier to find police stations and police officers around the city. I sincerely recommend here to my Korean friends.  

A Magical Day in the Laurentian Mountains with EC!

Last Sunday, EC Montreal participated in a full day trip in the Laurentian mountains.  It was the perfect day!  – sunny and 27 degrees.  We are experiencing Indian Summer in Quebec! It is a magical time of year when the leaves are changing colours and a view from Quebec’s tallest peak, Mt-Tremblant, is the best place to see mother nature’s artwork! The students visited several towns in the Laurentian mountains including St-Sauver, a ski resort town, and Mt-Tremblant, a village surrounded by ski hills, which has become a favourite resort among tourists and celebrities. The students picked maple leaves and snapped hundreds and hundreds of pictures of the gorgeous scenery. We are so  happy our students had a chance to experience this wonderful time of year with EC!

EC Montreal Tutorials!

What is a tutorial? Free tutorials are part of the benefits of being an Academic Year student.  They represent regular meetings every 4 to 6 weeks with an Academic Year tutor or mentor.  The goal of these one-to-one meetings is to achieve the following: – to identify the students’ needs and learning objectives – to plan the students’ academic journey – to provide academic support during the students’ stay at EC – to help the students’ prepare a personalized study plan – to monitor the students’ progress from their very first day at EC to their last – to help the students set achievable and challenging goals There are many benefits to being an Academic Year student at EC Montreal!  The personalized approach and regular meetings with the Academic Year tutors, together with our students’ hard work, will ensure success in achieving our students’ goals!

Free Terrasse Party in St-Henri this Weekend!

One of Montreal’s most famous and beloved breweries, McAuslan Brewery, maker of St-Ambroise beer, is turning 25, and to celebrate the infamous apricot beer makers are throwing a huge party. Get to Saint-Henri this weekend for two days of outdoor drinking for McAuslan’s gigantic 25th anniversary party. A free event open to the entire public, the quarter century celebration will begin on Friday at 4pm and continue onto Saturday, where another full day of festivities will take place at Terrasse St-Ambroise, right behind the brewery. With this weekend’s sunny weather, this may be the last time you’ll be able to enjoy beer and sun ’til next summer. The Annexe St-Ambroise Pub will also be open, for those who want to drink up indoors. Live music performances will also be held all weekend long, which fills out the perfect party trinity of free, music, and beer-filled. Who is joining EC Montreal for this anniversary extravaganza party this weekend?!

Monique Barros From Brazil: “I’m having the best moments in my life…”

Monique Barros is a student from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s Academic Year Bilingual programme which consists of 30 Lessons of instruction per week.  Here is what she would like to share about her EC experience: I chose Montreal because here I can practice and use my English and my French at the same time and everybody will understand me. My experience at EC Montreal is very good, I love my French class, in only 4 weeks I could see how I learnt and how I could improve my French. I love EC Montreal’s Wednesday activities. I love my classes with my teacher Katie, with her I really could improve my English. I will recommend EC Montreal for my friends in Brazil when I go back. Now, I’m having the bests moments in my life!

Josias Barbosa From Brazil: “I loved my EC Homestay mother…”

Josias Barbosa is a Brazilian student in EC Montreal’s Bilingual Intensive Programme.  Here is what Josias has to say about EC: I chose Montreal because it’s a bilingual city, and I wanted to improve my English and French in a good school like EC Montreal. After 2 weeks I decided to study only French because in Brazil is hard to stay in contact with this language and here in Montreal you can speak in French easily on the streets. I loved my EC homestay mother. She is very agreeable and she takes carry of me as her own son. She speaks French so I can practice with her. Here at EC Montreal I could improve my English and French and I could make new friends and some of them will be my friends for all my life.

Marcela Francis From Brazil: “I’m blessed to be here at EC Montreal…”

Marcela Francis is a Brazilian student participating in our Intensive Bilingual programme at EC Montreal.  Here is what she would like to share about her EC experience: I chose Montreal because I think it’s a perfect idea to learn English and French at the same time. I’ve been here since August and in my opinion, I already learned a lot of new words, I have a better vocabulary and I think that I’m speaking much better and fluently now. I love the activities at the EC Montreal’s lounge, the EC’s Welcome Party and the Friday’s parties with a lot of EC students. What I like must is the opportunity to make friends of different countries, it is amazing can share experience with new cultures! It has being the most excited and important experience of my life. I’m blessed to be here at EC Montreal! Thanks a lot!