EC’s Guarantee!

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Do you know about the EC Guarantee?  This is unique to EC in the language industry!  Basically, the guarantee is that if you put in the work, so will we!

Every 4 to 6 weeks, students have a progress check exercise in class.  The results of this progress check helps us to determine if the student is on-target, above target or below.

If the student’s results show that they are above target, this is an indication that the student has reached all the language objectives at their level and it is time for them to move up to the next level.  The student will face new challenges at a higher level.

If the results show that the student is on-target, this means the student is on track and should continue in their current level.  They need to work on their four language skills and further prove that they are ready for the next level.  The teacher will give the student constructive feedback and a study plan to reach the next stage.  Each students’ needs are unique and we use a very customized approach at EC.  We will focus on your weakness so you can gain both fluency and accuracy in the language.

If the results show that the student is below target, we need to examine the student’s motivation.  If the student is present.  If he participates.  If he does his homework and is motivated, then we will give that student an extra push.  This is where the EC Guarantee kicks in!  We will give the student free one-to-one lessons until he is on-track with the rest of the class.

EC Montreal cares about our students’ progress!  We teach our students based on their individual needs and requests.

Join us at EC Montreal and we promise we will help you succeed your language goals!