EC Montreal’s Lottery Brings in Big Bucks for the Shriner’s Hospital!

EC Montreal is in fundraising mode!  We have been collecting food, toys and toiletries for CTV’s Spirit of Giving campaign and in addition, we are planning our fundraising for the Shriner’s Hosptial.  We have been raising donations for this hospital for many years.  We were so impressed by all the work they have been doing for children with bone and spinal difficulties from all over the world! Souha’s Intermediate class wanted to get involved!  As a class project they came up with a school lottery.  They created posters and went around to all the classes and the office selling tickets.  The tickets were $1 each.  The winner of the lottery would win 30% of the pot.  The remaining 70% would be donated to the Shriner’s Hospital. The class managed to raise $250 for the hospital.  The winner was going to take home a $75 prize! All the students gathered in the student lounge to hear the results of the lottery.  Our Centre Director, Elisa, thanked everyone who participated and a special thanks went to the Intermediate class for organizing the entire event. Their teacher, Souha, chose the ticket.  The lucky winner was Anderson!  He is a Brazilian student from the High-Intermediate class.  He was presented with a gigantic check as well as an envelope with $75 cash! We reminded the students that we are still fundraising and our 11th annual charity bake sale was going to take place on Wednesday, December 10.  Our goal is to raise $1,000!

Karen de la Cruz From Mexico: “Everyone is so friendly…”

Karen de la Cruz is an energetic young woman from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s General English programme. Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her chance to learn English in Montreal: I chose Montreal because I wanted to learn about Canada and for me it is an excellent city to learn and know different cultures. I feel that I improved my English skills because when I arrived I couldn’t communicate with other people. Now, of course, I am not the best, but I can speak a lot better! I really like my homestay family! My room is very clean. I thought that the homestay was responsible for cleaning my room and washing my clothes, but that’s ok, because now I know how to do these things for myself. I really like this school because everyone is so friendly and from my first day, they made me feel like I was at home.

Elizabeth Pirela From Venezuela: “EC’s social leaders are very sociable and friendly…”

Elizabeth Pirela is a mature student from Venezuela participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive English programme. Here is what she would like to share about her experience to learn English in Montreal: I chose Montreal because it is a multicultural city. Here I have been learning a lot of culture, language and much more. At EC Montreal I learned and improved my English in all areas. My favorite class at EC Montreal is conversation, because the teacher can show me the right way to speak. What I like most in the school are the technology, the staff, the teachers and lessons as well because the topics in the class are realistic. The EC’s Social Leaders are very sociable and friendly. I would definitely recommend EC Montreal to a friend! Here I made friends from everywhere, it is amazing!

Laura Stefani Estevez Castillo From Colombia: “The school cares about you…”

Laura Stefani Estevez Castillo is a lovely young lady from Colombia participating in EC Montreal’s bilingual programme. Here is what she would like to share with all of you about her EC experience: I chose EC because it offered me the possibility to learn French and English in Montreal. I’ve learnt a lot, my pronunciation improved dramatically, and now I’m able to communicate with native speakers and make new friends. EC Montreal is also a super school because the teachers are from different nationalities so you learn English and also about other cultures. The EC Activities are fun and the food is delicious. It seems like the school cares about you and your progress not only as a student but also as a person. I do recommend EC Montreal because you know people from all over the world, improve your English and have fun all in the same place!

Alexandra Rodriguez From Colombia: “It is an opportunity to change your life…”

Alexandra Rodriguez is a motivated student from Colombia.  She is participating in EC Montreal’s English Academic Year Programme. Here is what she would like to share with everyone about her journey to learn English in Montreal: When I made the decision to come to Montreal I was thinking that it would be an amazing chance to learn about other cultures and to learn another language, and this became true, but now, for me, EC Montreal and the city of Montreal have been more than an experience, it was like living a dream. I changed the way that I see my life and to look at the path beyond me. EC Montreal is a place to find a new family, now I have a lot of dear friends and a lot of stories to tell to my family and my friends back in my country. No doubt about it, I will definitely recommend EC Montreal. It is an opportunity to change your life!

Comfort Food at EC Montreal!

Everybody say “Cheese”  – Grilled Cheese, that is!  Today at EC Montreal, we served Canada’s number one comfort food, Grilled Cheese sandwiches! This was the last free social activity to wrap up our Soulful November calendar of events!  The month of November was all about feeling good and feeding our mind, bodies and souls! The students really appreciated a warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwich, right of the grill, on a cold November day in Montreal!  These special events at EC Montreal help to bring the entire school together allowing us all to interact with one another.  We want our students to make friends to feel at home with us! We ended the month of November on a positive note and look forward to our Joyful December social events!

Montreal is Among the Top 10 Cities in the World to be a Student!

EC Montreal has even more to celebrate this week! The city of Montreal has been ranked one of the 10th best cities in the world to be a student by the experts at QS. Higher education data experts QS have compiled a league table based on factors including affordability, desirability, academic standards and job prospects The Guardian article stated the following about Montreal: Montreal is sometimes said to be two cities in one, due to the 33 kilometres of underground tunnels beneath it. They house all kinds of student fare, such as cinemas, bars and shopping malls. Montreal has the second highest score for student mix and moves up from 9th position last year. Home to several of Canada’s highest ranking institutions, including McGill University, Montreal has been dubbed Canada’s cultural capital, and one of the world’s most livable cities. In the QS Best Student Cities 2015, Montreal proves itself to be one of the world’s best cities for students, moving up from 9th to 8th place, behind Tokyo. As a French-speaking city in a largely English-speaking nation that has experienced mass immigration from all over the world in the past decades, Montreal has a distinctly hybrid culture. The city boasts a world-renowned indie music scene and is the site of several major international festivals, including the Montréal International Jazz Festival and the world’s largest comedy festival, Just for Laughs.   With a relatively large and diverse student population, Montreal gets its strongest score in the “student mix” category of the Best Student Cities index. Its weakest point is affordability – but in fact it beats most of the other top 10 student cities on this indicator, barring Asia’s leading cities Hong Kong and Tokyo. This is great news for any students who want to learn English and French in Montreal! It is a student city that is all about … Read more

Karen Mendez From Colombia: “The school is amazing…”

Karen Mendez is a lovely young lady from Colombia participating in EC Montreal’s Bilingual programme. Here is what she would like to share about her opportunity to learn English and French in Montreal: I chose Montreal because I wanted to learn English and French.  At the moment, my focus is on improving my English skills. The school is amazing and I like all the social activities that we have almost every day!  They help us a lot to have fun and enjoy our stay in the city! I am so happy here that I’m going to bring my cousin in a few months.  This is definitely the best place for her to learn! I learned a lot and I met some really amazing people at EC Montreal!

Eduardo Pereira From Brazil: “The people are really nice…”

Eduardo Pereira is a student from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s General French programme which consists of 20 Lessons of instruction a day.   Here is what he would like to share with everyone about his experience to learn French in Montreal: I lived and studied at EC Toronto and EC Montreal in 2008.  I prefer the city of Montreal because the people are really nice. The atmosphere at the school is very good.  I have learned a lot and have spent a very nice time at EC Montreal! Thank you!

Haruka Homma From Japan: “I really enjoy coming to class every day…”

Haruka Homma is a student from Japan participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive English programme.  She chose to learn English in Montreal and is enjoying every bit of her experience! Here is what she would like to share with all of you: Before I came to Montreal, the image of the city I had was “Montreal = French speaking city” and I wondered whether I would be able to improve my English here. At the same time I was excited thinking that I would be able to learn English from people with different accent and different culture. Once I arrived here, I was fascinated by the fact that almost everyone here is bilingual, and every store I went in, I was greeted with “Bonjour! Hi!” in both languages. As you can imagine, many people here naturally speak both language as if both languages are their mother tongues. Interacting people like that everyday inspired and encouraged me to practice more and improve my language skills. Before I came to Montreal, I had studied at Continuing Education of University in USA for 1 year. The class consisted of reading, writing and grammar. Especially the grammar class, all we did was repeatedly doing the same exercise prints that the teacher handed out over and over, which I do not believe was the best or most effective way for me to learn. However, at EC Montreal, of course we do cover reading, writing and grammar, but every week we have different themes (for example, this week “business” last week “linguistic” etc), and we dig down each theme and study about it using new vocabularies and grammars. So not only I learn and improve my English skills, I also gain new knowledge every week on different topics. I really enjoy coming to the class every day!