Beginner’s Yoga Class at EC Montreal!


It is the second week of our Soulful November events at EC Montreal!  We introduced our students to a beginner’s yoga class.  We had an excellent instructor named Sarah.  She teaches yoga and kung fu.

She had the class take off their shoes and relax.  A lot of the exercises focused on our breathing.  She spoke in a very calm and relaxing manner encouraging us to let all our stress and negative energy out.


In addition to the breathing exercises, we also did some light stretching.  We stretched in a seated, standing and lying down position.

At the end of the class, she turned the lights off and asked us to place our hands on our bellies and to breath in and out.  She asked us to relax every limb, every finger and every toe and to breath in all our positive thoughts and images and to breath out the negativity.

The students really enjoyed the class.  We were all in such a calm state that it was difficult to get back to our daily routine.

Soulful November at EC Montreal is all about the soul and there is nothing more nurishing to the soul than meditation and relaxation.