EC Montreal’s High Intermediate Class Takes the Prize!

EC Montreal’s fundraising campaing for CTV’s Spirit of Giving has come to an end.  We asked the entire EC community to donate generously by bringing in non-perishable food items, toys and toiletries.  To motivate our students to give, we created a classroom competition.  The class that donated the most items would win a group prize.

winning class

As the students brought in the goods, we counted their items.  Toufik and Maria Elena’s High Intermediate class took the prize!  They donated an astounding 106 items!  They were treated to a pizza lunch for all their efforts! A world of thanks to all the other levels and the EC Montreal team for your generous donations!

We managed to donated 6 large boxes to CTV with 361 items!

A list of the competitors and their donations can be found below:

EC Montreal team:  150 items

High-Intermediate:  106 items

Pre-Intermediate:  35 items

Upper-Intermediate:  28 items

Intermediate 2:  11 items

Intermediate 1:  10 items

Advanced:  7 items

Elementary:  5 items

Low-Intermediate 1:  4 items

Élementaire:  3 items

Pré-Intermediare:  2 items

We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for their incredible generosity! These donations will help many needy families this holiday season!