EC Montreal’s Bake Sale Success!

bake sale 5

EC Montreal held its 11th annual charity bake sale on December 10.  We continue to raise funds for the Shriner’s Hospital for Sick Children.  When we visited them several years ago we were so impressed by the work they did and the care they give to children all over the world.  There were also so appreciative of our fundriasing efforts that we decided to devote our time and money to this compassionate institution.

The fundraising campaign started weeks ago with the students getting involved in spreading the information.  As a class project they came up with a school lottery.  They sold tickets and the winner of hte lottery won 30% of the earnings.  This effort alone brought in over $250.

bake sale

Yesterday was a full day of giving.  We began with our bake sale at 10:30 a.m.  We set up tables at every exit so we were sure to sell to all the students.  Staff, Homestays and teachers baked or bought sweets to be sold.  We had so many wonderful goodies!  They were beautifully displayed and looked too good to pass up!

bake sale 2

We also sold raffle tickets to win amazing prizes!  The prizes consisted of  beauty products, wine bottles, gift baskets, movie tickets and hotel gift certificates.  The prizes were all donated by staff and vendors we work with.  We pulled out the names yesterday and will be surprising the winners today!

A nice surprise for students were the I love EC Montreal t-shirts we had printed to be sold at the fundraiser!  They were a big hit!

bake sale 3

At the lunch break, we set up a buffet lunch.  We sold plates for $10.  Again, all the food was generously cooked and donated by staff and nearby restaurants.  There was so much choice and international dishes.  We had donations from our Japanese, Korean, Lebanese and Quebecois vendors.  We also had Italian and Spanish dishes made by Elisa and Ana.

bake sale 4

At the end of the day we added up all our earnings and are happy to announce that EC Montreal raised a little over $1000 for the Shriner’s Hospital!  A world of thanks to all the staff, students and homestays who generously donated!

I am sure our students taking English courses in Montreal would agree that giving feels so good!