EC Montreal’s December Teachers of the Month!

teacher of the month december 2014

It is the end of the month and the end of 2014!  What a thrilling ride it has been at EC Montreal!  We have hosted students from over 40 different countries throughout the year and helped them attain their language objectives!  Our teachers play the biggest part in our students’ journey.  Their contribution has a tremendous impact on our students’ progress.  If you decide to book English courses in Montreal, you will be in very good hands with EC!


Every month, EC Montreal distributes ballots to our students so they have an opportunity to vote for their favorite teacher.  It is always so wonderful to see the votes coming in and to read all the wonderful comments left by our students.  They appreciate our teachers and thank them for their achievements.


This month, Daniela was chosen as our English teacher of the month!  This is her first win but throughout the year has received many votes!  We surprised her in class today with a special Teacher of the Month certificate and a bouquet of flowers.  We took a group picture with her class that were overjoyed to hear this news!


Zahia was chosen as our French teacher of the month!  This is her third win this year.  She won two months in a row; November and December!  We also presented her with a special certificate and flowers.  She was delighted to win again this month!


All our teachers received votes and heartfelt comments from our students.  We are proud to share this comments with everyone:

So amazing!

She is a very good teacher. I really love her classes.

She is great!

She is very sympathetic and she explains very good.

Ses classes c’est tres bonne.

Lovely, amazing, funny, extraverted, caring. I’m falling in love.

She always tries to help the students all the time.

She encourages us in a very nice way.

She is so kind and patient and her classes are really good.

He is the best.

He’s the best!

She’s amazing!

She’s very patient, kind and cute. She answers my million questions!

Because her pronunciation is clear and easy to understand. In addition, her class is very organized.

She will be an amazing teacher in IELTS.

Professional, good pedagogical skills. Pays attention to the students.

She is the best !

The best !

Because she is funny and kind and her class is good!

Her classes are good and funny!

She has a nice personality and makes me feel more confident.

She is always well prepared to teach us. She does her best!

He is so friendly!

She’s patient and very friendly!

She is a nice teacher and gives good explanations.

She explains very well and is very friendly.

I can understand easily and she’s sweet and kind.

She is polite, nice and kind.

I just met him but I enjoyed his explanations.

Interesting class.