Student Testimonial: Jocelyne Itzel

Jocelyne, from Mexico, it was here to learn French in Montreal at EC Montreal language school. She enjoyed her experience very much: “I decided to learn French in Montreal because I was in a Proulex program. So I didn’t really know the city or the school before I came, but I really enjoyed the experience. I think that all the people that work and study in this school are so nice and I could practice French a lot, which I wanted to do. I traveled with EC to Quebec City and it was really pretty and I had a lot of fun there. I also went to the karaoke activity and it was great!”

Student Testimonial: David Quiroz

David, from Mexico wanted to share his learning experience. He studied English at EC Montreal language school ” I chose Montreal to study because I love snow. I learned some new words and a lot about the culture here. I improved, but I would like to spend more time. My accommodation in a homestay was very good as it was clean and also near the school. My favorite thing was the opportunity to know people from other parts of the world.  “

Student Testimonial: Frida Alejandra Flores

Frida was here to learn French in Montreal with EC Montreal language school. She comes from Mexico and she wanted to share her learning experience : ” J’ai choisi Montréal parce que je voulais connaître le Canada en temps d’hiver et aussi parce que Montreal m’intéresait beaucoup. Dans le classesj’appris plus de vocabulaire et je pratiqué mon expression orale. J’aiméfair ça parce quechez moi je n’ai pas l’opportunité de parler en français souvent. j’aimé être en famille d’accueuil, c’était une nouvelle experience, car j’avais toujours était logée en residence. Je recommenerai EC Montreal pour fair de stages plus longues, pour bien profiter les cours et bien visiter la ville.”  

Student testimonial: Jose Aldo Guzman

Jose , who is from Mexico, studied English at EC Montreal language school . Here is his experience: “I chose this destination because many people told me that Canada is a beautiful place to visit, and in fact it is. i learned many things in Montreal and i could practice my English every day. I would recommend EC Montreal because everyone here is polite, respectful and friendly”

Student Testimonial – Edwin Bello

  It was our first time in Canada with the group of students. I suggest a longer period so that we can benefit more from the classes and the city. My favorite activity was the trip to Quebec city and the visit to Hotel de Glace. Montreal’s landscape and the snow are beautiful in winter. The accommodation with a host family was really nice and comfortable. For sure, I will recommend EC Montreal Language School as a place to study abroad. I will remember my stay in Montreal.  

Student Testimonial: Ismael Rocha

Ismael was here to learn French in Montreal at EC Montreal language school. He is from Mexico and this was his experience: ” J’aime Montréal, j’aime l’école. Pour moi l’experience était magnifique! Ma famille d’accueil était très agreable! Everything was fine!”

Student Testimonial: Paloma Esmeralda Caloca Villareal

I think it was a great experience at EC Montreal! All the services and the people were very kind 🙂 I improved my language skills with other students and teachers. The homestay accommodation was excellent and my host mother, Mrs. Louis, is a beautiful person! I loved that I had the opportunity to meet her.

Student Testimonial: Ellena Del Valle

Ellena, from Mexico was here to learn French in Montreal with EC Montreal language school. Here is the sum of her experience: ” I chose this school because I had the opportunity to do it. I am very pleased with the course material we had. I believe I have improved certain grammar points and I refreshed and polished vocabulary that I had forgotten. The nationality mix is also involved in the learning experience- it makes the experience more enriching. I would of course recommend this school. Regarding my host family everything was perfect: Icyline, my host mother is very kind.”  

Student Testimonial: David Centeno

David comes from Venezuela and after studying with us since August 2014 he is saying good-bye today. He wanted everyone to know how his experience had been: ” I am really happy about my progress at EC Montreal Language school and the whole experience and all the teachers and staff were really helpful” All the best David!

Student Testimonial: Neriberth Tarazona

Neriberth is from Venezuela and she has been studying English at EC Montreal language school since August 2014. This is what she wanted to share: ” I choose Montreal first of all because it is a multicultural city and very friendly with foreign students. I studied English at EC Montreal and the experience was very enriching. i met different people and different cultures. the EC staff make you fee very confident and they motivated me every day to improve my learning experience” Thank you Neriberth and best of luck!