At EC Montreal, Language & Culture Go Hand in Hand!

We thought it would be a great idea to offer our blog readers information on learning French. EC offers French courses in Montreal! No matter how old you are, it is never too late to learn another language! The most important tip is to learn a language where it is spoken! This is the “raison d’être” of our industry. If you want to improve your French skills, immerse yourself in the French language. This is key to your success at achieving your language objectives. Traveling to Montreal is the first step! You will be surrounded by French speakers and there are French signs everywhere. If you are going into a shop, for example, practice your French by asking for assistance in French. When you go out to dinner or order lunch from a snack bar, communicate in French! EC Montreal offers quality French classes. We have 8 levels from absolute beginner to advanced.  If you want to start learning French from scratch or you are interested in brushing up your skills, EC Montreal is the perfect option!  Our teachers are all university graduates with FSL experience and teaching certificates. They are motivated and dedicated members of the EC Montreal team!  We offer modern facilities as all our classrooms are equipped with smart boards. It is fascinating watching our teachers use this great tool! They can go from one presentation slide to the next, use it as a blackboard, show videos and google images to illustrate their lesson plan.  Our groups are relatively small. The maximum class size is 15. Every student has an opportunity to practice and contribute to the classroom discussions. EC teaches the communicative approach which means the emphasis is on the spoken word and oral production, however, we teach 4 language skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. We highly … Read more

EC Montreal’s Student Residence: The Varcity 515

EC Montreal offers several accommodation options for its students: homestay, residence, apartment hotels. For those students that want to be more independent and want to be really close to the school we highly recommend the Varcity 515 student residence. Situated in the heart of downtown Montreal and 2 subway stops away from the school, it offers all the commodities a student traveling broad may need and much more. The apartments that EC Montreal offers are equipped with 5 private bedrooms and 2 shared full bathrooms. The students share the common areas and the best part is that the apartments are fully furnished from dishes to towels and bed linens.  And this might not even be the best part: the students can also take full advantage of the recreational areas:  movie theater, cardio and weights room, study rooms, photocopy center; it even offers a music room for people that want to practise their musical instruments without being heard! Most people who visit the Varcity 515 are impressed by the location, the modern features and all the incredible amenities. When you decide to take an English and French course in Montreal, remember that where you live is very important and can have a great impact on your language adventure!

Montreal: A Food Lover’s Paradise!

Learning English or French at EC Montreal is a treat in itself, however, the city of Montreal has so much more to offer!  Montreal has something for everyone!   If you are a foodie, Montreal and EC are the place to be!  Montreal is described by Tourisme Montreal as a food lover’s paradise!  There are over 6000 restaurants on the island of Montreal!  Montreal is also the home to so many celebrity chefs who have opened up establishments right here in our magical city.  As Montreal is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, the restaurant world reflects these diverse cultures.  No matter what you are in the mood for, you will find a restaurant in Montreal to satisfy your desires!  Whatever you crave, you will find satisfaction in the many, many quality restaurants at your disposal. EC Montreal teaches English and French as a foreign language, but we do so much more than that!  We offer you an experience of a lifetime!  We offer you a complete immersion programme where you can not only learn a language where it is spoken but you can devour everything our city has to offer! EC Montreal launched a gastronomy programme in 2013.  In addition to a student’s general English or French programme, for only $250 per week, our students can sign up for 2 Gastronomy sessions per week!  They can be food tours, mixology lessons, culinary classes, tastings, pastry making and so much more!!  Montreal is the ideal destination for this programme as we are famous for our joie de vivre and our love of food!  Food is definitely celebrated in this city through our many festivals, special events and everyday living. Our EC Montreal students get a taste of this lifestyle during their stay – in homestay, during our … Read more

EC Montreal’s Pre-Intermediate Class Impress with their Health Fair!

Maria Elena’s Pre-intermediate English class worked on a wonderful class project.  They put together a health fair.  The students were divided in different groups and these groups manned different booths at the fair. They had a physical activity booth where they spoke about the importance of fitness in leading a healthy life.  Some students were responsible for the nutrition table where they asked guests about their eating habits and gave important information about the best foods to eat. They had also set up games and trivia questions to see how much people know about health and fitness. The students were all so enthusiastic and energetic about this theme.  The fair was put together professionally.  We were all very impressed. Congratulations to our English Pre-Intermediate class!  We are so proud of your achievements! Join us at for English and French courses in Montreal and we will help you accomplish your language objectives!

EC Montreal’s February Teachers of the Month!

EC Montreal named its February teachers of the month today!  As with previous months, our students cast their ballots for their favorite teacher.  We counted up the votes and read all the wonderful comments and are proud to announce that Sacha has been named our English teacher of the month and Djamel our chosen French teacher! We surprised both teachers in class and their students cheered them on.  They were given a special Teacher of the Month certificate as well as an “I heart EC Montreal t-shirt”.  They were thrilled and posed proudly with their students. Students taking English and French courses in Montreal with EC are guaranteed to have high quality, talented and passionate teachers! We were delighted to read so many positive comments written by our students and are happy to share them with everyone: He has a native accent. Elle est très organisée et sa classe est très productive. Il est calme et explique très bien. Elle est sympa. Elle est très gentille. Elle est très motivée et elle est aussi très didactique. Elle est très didactique, patiente et animée. Her lesson is always fun because of her smiley and sunny, bright character. I have improved my communication skills. Elle est toujours heureuse. La meilleure! Elle est très motivée. She’s always funny. Good. She’s a great teacher! She’s very interactive and active. The classes with her pass very fast. She’s amazing!! Because she spreads good mood! She’s very patient and she makes the language more interesting. She is amazing. She is very clear when explaining topics and always corrects us and pushes us to speak English only. He encourages us in a positive and appropriate way. I feel comfortable. The class was very funny! He is really good! He always helps me. I really like his jokes! … Read more

Student Lecture by Monique Barros: What do you know about Brazil?

In front of a full house( well, in our case a classroom overflowing with international students)  Monique presented, in English, on the subject of her beloved home country- Brazil: What people do not know about Brazil until they actually visit. We learnt that Brazil is becoming more and more, depending on what region you live in, the country of endless summer! and that if you do get winter in the months of June, July and August the temperatures are between 0 and 15 degrees, plus! Another interesting thing is the Sao Paulo, the city has 3 times the population of Montreal ( so here in Montreal we should then stop complaining about traffic!) Monique built her presentation on the questions that she repeatedly had to answer about Brazil! We a re looking froward to you presentation in French also Monique, since you are taking French classes in Montreal at EC. Congratulation et à la prochain!  

Student Testimonial : Raquel Almeida

This is What Raquel wanted to share with you about her French courses in Montreal: Je viens à Montreal pour apprendre la langue française. Quand je suis arrivé ici je ne parlé pas rien, mais aujourd’hui je parle ! Je suis très satisfait avec les méthodes d’enseignement et avec les professeurs. Je vais recommander cet école a mes amis. Je pense que 6 mois c’est bon pour apprendre la langue française. Je trouvé beaucoup des amies dans mon école EC Montreal!

Student Testimonial: Nasser Al-Tariqi

  Since I came to Montreal I  was studying in the McGill School and after I finished the course I decided to do my preparation for the IELTS in Montreal. The best place I found for the IELTS preparation was the EC School. You might ask me: why this school? Well, because I asked many students who studied at EC and they all recommended me this school. I improved my writing since I came to EC and I have wonderful teachers. The best activities after school are bowling and also the trips to New York. I would definitely recommend to my friends to join the EC Montreal school.

Student Testimonial: Larissa Ferraz

Larissa was here to take English courses in Montreal with EC Montreal language school. She had a lot of fun and she wanted to share her stay here with us: I chose Montreal because here is a beautiful and modern city. My English is better now, I love the school EC Montreal, the staff at the EC Office is amazing, and the teachers are so good. The EC Activities are so interesting, I liked it. Marcus and Marcelo they are so funny! My host mother is the best person that I met in my life, she is like an angel, she took care of me like her own daughter and made a lot of things good for me, I love her! So I had the best experience of my life, and Rafael from the office helped me a lot. I want to come back to Montreal but now to live there. If the school has a job for me I will accept lol! Larissa

Student Testimonial: Geórgia Martins

Geórgia was here to take French classes in Montreal with EC Montreal language school. She is from Brazil and she wanted to share her learning experience: I chose Canada because I was in France in 2013 and wanted to know a new country to study French. I’ve learned a lot of things here, but the most important thing was the amazing Canadian Culture. I’ve made a lot of new friends from Brazil and Switzerland. EC is an amazing school, and I’ve felt really lucky and happy in the last 4 weeks. I will recommend this school to my friends. I will miss my host mother because she is the best host I ever had. Thank you so much for this experience. Geórgia