EC Montreal’s January Teachers of the Month!

teacher of the month january 2015EC Montreal named its January teachers of the month today!  Every month we ask our students to vote for their favorite EC English and French teacher and to indicate why.  We are always delighted to read such wonderful comments made by our students about their teachers.  It also makes us so happy to see so many votes come in and that all of EC Montreal teachers receive at least 1 vote!  This means that our studens are motivated to learn at EC and are happy with their instructors!


We are proud to announce that Souha is EC Montreal’s English teacher of the month!  This is her third win!  Her students cheered for her and they all celebrated her victory!


Essadia was voted as EC Montreal’s French teacher of the month!  This is Essadia’s second win!  She too was thrilled to hear this news as were her students!  They posed proudly for a group picture!


Students who register with EC’s English and French courses in Montreal are guaranteed to have professional, motivated and passionate instructors!

We are happy to share all of our student comments with you:


She is funny and teaches us really well. She is very energetic!

She is amazing!

She is very funny. She has a good relationship with the students. Her classes are interesting.

She always thinks about me. So romantic!

I like how he gives the classes.

She is funny and makes the class interesting.

He is a great person, a great human being. I learned a lot from him and I like his methodology.

She is very nice to the students.

She gives very good explanations in class. She is very passionate and she knows how to explain the questions asked in class.

She is professional, enthusiastic, friendly and creative!

She has a great method of teaching plus an awesome attitude!

She’s so friendly and she really knows how to teach.

She is very good and explanations. She’s an excellent person!

She is always asking us if we have any difficulties and there are always interesting topics for us in class.

He is very clear and nice!

She’s funny!

She is crazy! The best ever!

He is a good teacher and explains very well!

He gives the best classes!


She always brings interesting subjects to class!


She is kind!

He’s so nice!

She is a really good teacher!

Elle explique très bien et elle est compréhensive!

Elle est vivante et motivante tout le temps. Elle encourage les étudiants et on apprend beaucoup dans ces cours.

Elle est très bonne!

Elle est très dévouée.

She is very dynamic and her classes are really interesting.

She has good methodology.

She gave us a lot of opportunities to improve our English.

She made learning easy and gave me a lot of confidence.

He is funny and teaches with a lot of details so we can understand easily.

She is fun!

He is organized and dynamic!

She is a good teacher!

He is polite and kind!

He has great didactics! He uses super interesting subjects in his class.

She is the best!

She is smart, kind and perfect!

She is patient with her students!

He is very nice!

I love her! She is amazing!

Elle est toujours heureuse, drôle, vivante et motive.

She uses good methodology in her class.

Très actif.

She teaches very well. I made a lot of progress.

She’s the best!

She is a really good teacher and teaches really nice themes in her class.

He teaches really well and is really cool.

She is patient, friendly and dedicated.

He is funny.

Elle est une très bonne professeur.

Elle est patiente.

He always teaches structure nicely.

She is a great teacher. She tries her best for us.

She is very careful with her students.

She is very kind.

He is a good teacher and he explains very well and he is very happy in the class.

He is carful and patient.

She explains great and is charismatic.

HE explains very well and he is funny.

She is funny, teaches really well and is very enthusiastic.

He is so energetic.

She’s funny and cool!

She’s funny and is a good teacher.

She lets everyone speak confidently and she makes the class interesting.

He has good pronunciation. He is funny and gives a great class.

She is very good.

She has very clear pronunciation.

Very clear pronunciation.