Meet EC Montreal’s Student Ambassador, Marina!

My name is Marina and I am 18 years old. I study law at the federal university and I live with my grandma but spend a lot of time with my parents. I live on an island off the coast of Brazil called Florianopolis, it’s almost like a little piece of paradise. My family owns a farm, not on the island, but nearby in a place called Garopaba that is almost as wonderful as  Florianopolis. I really like going to the farm where I have my animals including my horse and my sheep (it’s hard to keep track of all 40 of them). For my eighteenth birthday present, my dad gave me another horse and his name is Orion. Nevertheless, now it’s time to leave what’s from Brazil in Brazil and let Canada make my heart beat faster as surprises do.

Marina (1024x767)

I chose to study English because I believe it is a international language that permits communication throughout the whole world. Being able to communicate in the same language allows us to meet people from different  cultures and countries. I chose take English courses in Montreal  because I always had a fascinating desire to come here and experience the harshest winter! I am completely in love with the winter season, and now with the EC, as well! I couldn’t have chosen a better school. I want to be a student ambassador because I am not shy, on the contrary, I am very fun and also extrovert, and I love talking about any topic, with anyone, anytime!