Abdulaziz Alromaih Presents: How I Lost Weight!

Abdulaziz Alromaih is a student from Saudi Arabia participating in EC Montreal’s IELTS preparation course.  In addition to his IELTS in Montreal course, he decided to prepare for a presentation as part of our Student Academic Lecture Series. His title of his presentation was How I Lost Weight. … Read more

Wine Tasting Festival in Montreal Next Weekend!

On Sunday, April 12, Montreal will be hosting a wine festival at the SAT – Société des arts technologiques. Participants will have an opportunity to sample a whole range of wines including international, local and organic. This wine tasting event will showcase natural, biological and sustainable win … Read more

Things to do in Montreal During the Long Easter Weekend!

Friday, April 3 is Good Friday, which means the school will be closed as we will be celebrating the Easter weekend.  Montreal is located in the province of Quebec which is inhabited by many French Canadians.  French Canadians as well as many of the European and Latin American immigrants make this ci … Read more

EC Montreal Will Introduce you to your New Best Friends!

Being a visitor in a new city can be a challenge.  Everything is new and different.  The transition and adjustment process is always easiest with the company of others.  We want your ESL in Montreal experience to be a fulfilling one, so we have put together a few tips on how to make friends during y … Read more

EC Montreal Student Presentation by Paulo Roberto

A busy afternoon at EC Montreal with 2 successive and successful  student presentations. Paulo’s presentation was the second of the day at focus on the impact of global warming on the coral reefs. He introduced his audience to a few key concepts reading this phenomenon. His presentation raised … Read more

Student Presentation: Andrea Quintero

Andrea has been enrolled in ESL in Montreal , at EC Montreal, since January and she will be spending most of her summer too in Montreal. Today her presentation transported the audience in colorful Columbia. She presented her country’s best places to visit and assured us that Colombians are happy and … Read more

Student Testimonial: Wolfgang Koerner From Germany!

Wolfgang came to study FSL in Montreal with EC and wishes he could have stayed longer. We also offer ESL in Montreal center. He has been enjoying his learning experience from day one and finds that the French he studied 35 years ago is coming back and learned a lot of new language.  He especially en … Read more

EC Montreal Students Hike Up Mount-Royal!

This afternoon, EC Montreal students will be hiking up Mount-Royal. It’s a perfect day to go for a nature walk. The temperature is finally above zero and the sun is shining! The EC Montreal activities staff organizes fun activities on Mount Royal every month, including nature walks, hikes, picnics, … Read more

Student Testimonial: Lizandra Ramirez

Lizandra Ramirez is a multi-destination student from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s Academic Year Bilingual programme. She began her EC journey in Vancouver and continued her studies in Montreal. Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her FSL and ESL in Montreal experience … Read more

Brazilian Carnival at EC Montreal!

It’s carnival season in Brazil so we decided to give our students a little treat!  We held a Brazilian carnival activity!  We had masks and beads available for students to wear and decorated the student lounge with golden palm trees and the Brazilian flag! We played wonderful Brazilian music a … Read more