Abdulaziz Alromaih Presents: How I Lost Weight!

Abdulaziz Alromaih is a student from Saudi Arabia participating in EC Montreal’s IELTS preparation course.  In addition to his IELTS in Montreal course, he decided to prepare for a presentation as part of our Student Academic Lecture Series. His title of his presentation was How I Lost Weight. He explained that he is not an expert. He is not a nutritionist, a dietitian nor is he a personal trainer; however, he can talk to us about his personal experience with weight loss. He explained to us that he went through a lifestyle change. He said this is the only true way to see results. Otherwise, the successes are short term when people go back to their old habits. His journey began in 2007 when he weighed over 200 kilos. He read a book that inspired him as it was written by someone who went through extreme weight loss and he told his story in a very positive and humorous way. Abdulaziz took baby steps and pushed himself week after week. When he first began he could only walk 15 minutes per day. Now, he can train in a gym for over 1.5 hours doing intense cardio and weight training. Abdulaziz spoke about the different elements of the lifestyle change; motivation, change, attitude, food consumption, exercise and metabolism. Abdulaziz now weighs 95 kilos. He looks great and most importantly, he feels great. He has energy and continues to push himself to improve his health and strength. It’s not about how much you weigh, he explains. It’s about how much you can do. Abdulaziz gave an excellent presentation. He is a natural public speaker. He made great eye contact, engaged the audience and spoke with great confidence. His presentation skills were impressive, from his professional attire to the well prepared slide show. … Read more

Wine Tasting Festival in Montreal Next Weekend!

On Sunday, April 12, Montreal will be hosting a wine festival at the SAT – Société des arts technologiques. Participants will have an opportunity to sample a whole range of wines including international, local and organic. This wine tasting event will showcase natural, biological and sustainable wines. Guests will learn about the vineyards and the people who produce the wines. There will be various winemakers on site to chat with guests. Tickets cost $17 per person for the wine tasting. For $45, a meal will be served with the various wines. DJs will be on site to create quite the festive atmosphere. If you are an EC student taking ESL in Montreal, this is something definitely not to miss! You can check out their facebook page for all the details:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Les-Turbulents/1094957083863162?ref=ts&fref=ts.  

Things to do in Montreal During the Long Easter Weekend!

Friday, April 3 is Good Friday, which means the school will be closed as we will be celebrating the Easter weekend.  Montreal is located in the province of Quebec which is inhabited by many French Canadians.  French Canadians as well as many of the European and Latin American immigrants make this city more catholic than other Canadian cities. Many families have Easter celebrations with traditional lamb or ham dinners.  They also organize Easter egg hunts for the children.  This is the only time of year where you will see the Sunday mass completely packed.  The catholics believe that as long as you do your Easter duty, you are a good catholic. At EC Montreal we will be leading an Easter activity on Wednesday, April 1.  We will be decorating Easter cupcakes.  We have purchased so many cupcakes and frosting and countless toppings so students can create their own little masterpiece.  We like to give our students these opportunities to interact with one another over a fun activity.  Being an ESL in Montreal student is so much more than attending classes! As this will be a long weekend, we thought we would give our students some suggestions on what they can do during this mini-break: 1.  Participate in EC Montreal’s 3-day trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls.  Iko tours is organizing an Easter getaway during the long weekend.  Students will have a chance to visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, the majestic falls, as well as Canada’s largest city, Toronto. 2.  Visit Old Montreal and go to Sunday mass at the Notre Dame Basilica.  Notre Dame is the oldest church in Canada.  It’s gothic themed architecture and intricate details make this a must-see attraction. 3.  Take a hike up Mount-Royal to work up an appetite for an amazing … Read more

EC Montreal Will Introduce you to your New Best Friends!

Being a visitor in a new city can be a challenge.  Everything is new and different.  The transition and adjustment process is always easiest with the company of others.  We want your ESL in Montreal experience to be a fulfilling one, so we have put together a few tips on how to make friends during your stay at EC Montreal! Smile and make eye contact:  you will be meeting new people every week at the school.  Make an effort to introduce yourself to new faces.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to smile and make eye contact.  The rest will come easily.  Follow the smile with a “hello”  “where are you from?” Ask questions:  in general people love to talk about themselves.  If you ask questions and listen, people will find you warm and approachable and will want to spend time with you. Participate in as many EC Montreal activities and academic extras as possible.  EC Montreal staff plan weekly free activities and academic events at the school.  Make sure you attend.  These activities are great ice breakers and give our students an opportunity to interact with each other and bond over common themes. Participate in as many EC Montreal evening and weekend activities as you can.  When you are outside of school and in an entirely social setting, people let their guard down and are more likely to feel relaxed.  Join the group dinners, sports activities, tourist attractions and weekend excursions.  Discover Montreal with your classmates.  They will soon become your close friends! Stay active on the EC Montreal Facebook page to stay current on all the upcoming activities and events and chat on-line with your classmates and new friends! Try having lunch with new students every day!  Students leave every week, don’t fall into the habit of … Read more

EC Montreal Student Presentation by Paulo Roberto

A busy afternoon at EC Montreal with 2 successive and successful  student presentations. Paulo’s presentation was the second of the day at focus on the impact of global warming on the coral reefs. He introduced his audience to a few key concepts reading this phenomenon. His presentation raised awareness on this topic and also proved Paul’s improved English speaking skills, he has been studying ESL in Montreal, at EC Montreal, for some time now and we  hoe yo see him presenting on other topics as well! Congratulations Paulo!    

Student Presentation: Andrea Quintero

Andrea has been enrolled in ESL in Montreal , at EC Montreal, since January and she will be spending most of her summer too in Montreal. Today her presentation transported the audience in colorful Columbia. She presented her country’s best places to visit and assured us that Colombians are happy and welcoming people with a passion for music and dance! Congratulations Andrea! Keep up the good work!

Student Testimonial: Wolfgang Koerner From Germany!

Wolfgang came to study FSL in Montreal with EC and wishes he could have stayed longer. We also offer ESL in Montreal center. He has been enjoying his learning experience from day one and finds that the French he studied 35 years ago is coming back and learned a lot of new language.  He especially enjoyed the discussions he had in his afternoon classes which helped him build fluency. He noted his teachers’ professionalism and motivation and he will remember his short stay at EC Montreal as a very positive one. Here is what he would like to share about his EC experience: I found EC on the internet.  I wanted to learn French.  I really enjoyed all the class discussions during my elective class with Ramdane.  The teachers’ attitudes are simply super!  I will definitely recommend EC Montreal! Thank you Wolfgang and we wish you the best!

EC Montreal Students Hike Up Mount-Royal!

This afternoon, EC Montreal students will be hiking up Mount-Royal. It’s a perfect day to go for a nature walk. The temperature is finally above zero and the sun is shining! The EC Montreal activities staff organizes fun activities on Mount Royal every month, including nature walks, hikes, picnics, Sunday tam-tams and sports activities. It is located in the center of the island of Montreal, it is the ideal spot for picnics, friendly sports and nature walks. Created by Olmsted, the same architect that designed Central Park, it is the most visited tourist attraction in Montreal. The panoramic view is spectacular. Montrealers and our visitors alike enjoy the famous Sunday “tam-tams”. Hundreds gather with their hand drums to contribute to the heartbeat of Montreal! The tam-tams could be a little “hippy-ish” but it contributes to the amazing bohemian culture of Montreal! ESL in Montreal is always an adventure!

Student Testimonial: Lizandra Ramirez

Lizandra Ramirez is a multi-destination student from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s Academic Year Bilingual programme. She began her EC journey in Vancouver and continued her studies in Montreal. Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her FSL and ESL in Montreal experience: I had my greatest experience in my life. It was amazing my time in Montreal! I learned a lot of new things. EC Montreal is very nice, the EC Activities are funny and you can make a lot of new friends. The teachers are very kindly and friendly. I love met people around the world, I met people from different cultures. My EC Homestay Montreal was the best. I love my host mother. I will keep with me all the good moments that I had. I recommend EC Montreal for everybody, it is an experience that a person should have, and I learned more things than just only English. Lizandra Ramirez

Brazilian Carnival at EC Montreal!

It’s carnival season in Brazil so we decided to give our students a little treat!  We held a Brazilian carnival activity!  We had masks and beads available for students to wear and decorated the student lounge with golden palm trees and the Brazilian flag! We played wonderful Brazilian music and served tropical fruit and Brazilian appetizers!  The students devoured them in record time! Andreia, our activity leader prepared a traditional Brazilian sweet called Brigadeiro which is a rich chocolate bonbon.  She also tried to get students to dance samba but they were more interested in the food. We also served coconut water and lemonade which is what Brazilians typically drink at the beach. We created such a festive and tropical environment for our students to enjoy!  Given the cold winter we have just had it was a piece of heaven! At EC Montreal we like to celebrate our students’ different cultures and traditions.  Our Brazilian students felt honoured and our other nationalities were introduced to yet a different culture and customs. When you are a FSL or ESL student in Montreal, we promise to surprise you in many different ways!