EC Montreal’s Upper-Intermediate Class: Organization Fair

EC Montreal’s Upper-Intermediate English class organized an Organization fair today.  Maria Elena, our ESL teacher, lead the class activity.  Students had to work in groups and research non-profit organizations from around the world that do charitable work. The Upper-Intermediate class invited other levels to attend the fair.  These levels had to practice their question asking skills as well as note taking taking and listening. When they returned to their class they had to discuss the observations they had made. We noticed organizations like Peta and Oceana.  The recent incident in Nepal had the students talking about the first aid organizations from around the world that respond to such tragedies. Congratulations to our Upper-Intermediate class for their professional work and stellar presentations! Our FSL and ESL in Montreal are exposed to many of these classroom exercises and activities as part of their academic journey with EC.

Student Testimonial: Miguel Angel Plazas

Miguel Angel is a student from Colombia who came to take ESL in Montreal. Here is what he has to say about his experience: EC Montreal has helped me a lot not only with the English but also with my personality, confidence and social life, like I had never experienced before.Here we have good teachers, amazing stuff and everyone help me whenever I need it.   I really enjoy the interaction between teachers and students during the lessons. Great methodology, really useful. Thank you so much EC Montreal! Miguel Angel

Caio Amorim Presents: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Caio Amorim is a student from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s General French programme.  He is a French Academic Year student but wanted to give his presentation in English.  He explained to us that his Academic Year tutor asked him to present something he is really passionate about and the first thing that came to mind was Jiu-Jitsu. He told us that martial arts originated in Brazil and that is why it continues to be so popular in Brazil.  He explained how Jiu-Jitsu is a sport that everyone can participate and is intended as self-defense.  The weaker opponent can defeat the stronger one through techniques and skill. Today, MMA, Mixed Martial Arts is the most popular sport that combines all the different diciplines; karate, taekwondo, wrestling, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing. Caio gave a stellar presentation and answered all the questions from the audience very confidently.  He made wonderful eye contact used the right amount of body language. Join us and study English in Canada with EC and we will help you develop your presentation skills!

Student Testimonial: Sebastian Ruiz Castro

Sebastian Ruiz Castro is a student from Colombia who came to take ESL in Montreal. Here is what he has to say about his experience: I chose Montreal principally because is a beautiful city in spring and summer time. Also I have the opportunity to learn English and French. I’m learning a lot of new vocabulary that gives me more confidence to speak in English. Here in Montreal almost all the people speak English too. EC Montreal it’s a good school and I personally recommend it to my friends because you can learn more about other cultures and be free of the stereotypes. Sebastian

Student Testimonial: Luis Felipe Calle

Luis Felipe Calle is a student from Colombia who came to take ESL in Montreal. Here is what he has to say about his experience: I chose Montreal because on top of being a beautiful city, it has a unique advantage over the others as it allowed me to learn both English and French! I’ve been lucky with my teachers; they all bring something different to the class and make us learning a more interactive experience. I can say without any doubt this is an experience I will never forget, and the friends I made here will always be remembered. I will miss EC’s free food on Wednesdays. Luis Felipe Calle

Saleh Hamad Presents: A Journey to Libya

Saleh Hamad is a student from Libya participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive English programme which consists of 30 Lessons of instruction per week.  He is placed in our Upper Intermediate class and this is his last week at EC. Saleh attended most of the student presentations during his stay and always said that he would give a presentation before his last day.  He kept his promise! Today he presented, A Journey to Libya.  He talked about Libya’s history, economics and culture & cuisine.  He first asked the audience what they knew about Libya. Most answered oil and the desert.  He laughed and said there is so much more to his beautiful country. He explained that despite what we hear on the news, Libya is a very safe country to visit.  It has beautiful resorts along the meditarranean sea as well as sand surfing, camping and camel rides. He treated us to some Libyan desserts and coffee.  His fellow classmates were very happy to get a sweet taste of Libya. We are very proud of Saleh’s accomplishments at EC!  He promised to tell all his friends to study English in Canada.

EC Montreal Student Testimonial: Juliana Moreira

Juliana is finishing her ESL in Montreal tomorrow. She had a great experience that she would like to share: I had a great experience with the school and my EC homestay Montreal family! My host parents helped me a lot and spend a lot of time with me! I recommend EC Montreal for everybody and Montreal is a great destination to study English and French !  

Student Testimonial: Diego Valenzuela

Diego Valenzuela is a student from Colombia who came to take ESL in Montreal. Here is what he has to say about his experience: I chose Montreal because is the place where my brother lives. So here I can stay close to my family. Now I’m in love with this city! Now I’m studying English but then I’m going to change in two months to French. I’ve been improved my English a lot! My favorite EC Montreal Activities are those ones that we do outside of the school, in the city. I like my classes with the teachers (Souha, Toufik, Graeme, Donald and Maria Elena). I really like the school and my recommendation is that EC Montreal should be bigger so they can receive more people. Diego Valenzuela

Student Testimonial: Daniela Quinche Gomez

Daniela is a student from Colombia who came to Montreal to take Acedemic Year Bilingual Programme for the length of 24 weeks. She came to learn French and also study English in Canada at the same time. She also loved her homestay Montreal, and stayed with her host family for the entire stay in Canada. I had a great experience here in EC Montreal. I learned a lot of different things and I also improved my French. The experience I had was totally worth it and the people I met turned out to be my family here. The homestay I stayed in was amazing. They cared a lot about me and they made me feel I was in a real family. I enjoyed every day while I was at EC Montreal.

Student Testimonial: Erasmo Soares Araujo

Erasmo comes from Brazil and he will finish his FSL course in Montreal tomorrow. This is what he would like to share about his experience: Montreal is the best destination of you speak more than one language, it’s a multicultural city with a lot of attractions. I’ve chosen Montreal because i can learn English and French and this is the best place! i love the afternoon activities such as the Botanical Garden. About the accommodation with EC homestay Montreal all I can say is : perfect! I love the school and Montreal! Vraiment bon!