EC Montreal Teaches French!

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EC Montreal offers General French courses using the communicative approach.  We teach the 4 language skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Our levels range from absolute beginner to advanced.  In all of our levels, we engage the learner in using the language actively, productively and creatively through a variety of hands on projects and communication activities.

Our levels are correlated to the European Framework and the can-do objectives.  We also prepare our students for the DELF / DALF exams and we offer Business French.  During the summer months, we offer a French junior programme which combines language instruction with a dynamic learning activities programme.

Our academic department is always up-to-date with the newest teaching and learning techniques.  We recently revamped our curriculum and testing format.  Our students advance based on the results of a proficiency test given to them every four to six weeks.  We feel this recognizes individual progress and is a true indication of their ability to produce the language rather than re-produce material covered in class.  We aim to personalize learning and to make our students independent and confident users of the language.  A very successful example of putting language into action is our student academic lecture series.  Students choose a topic of personal expertise or interest and with the support of their teachers perfect their presentation skills and share their knowledge with their learning community.

EC is the only language school that offers a guarantee; if the student puts in the work, so will we.  For those students who need the extra support, we prepare personalized study plans to help them achieve their goals.  If the proficiency test shows that the student is below target, but has been actively participating, is motivated, is present and does their homework, EC will offer the student free one-to-one lessons to help them get on track with the rest of the class.

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We offer free academic workshops weekly.  These extra lessons, give our students more contact time with the language and with our instructors. Examples of these are pronunciation clinics, French for Work sessions assisting students with CV preparation and job interviews, conversation clubs and round table discussions.

EC Montreal offer a unique language plus programme :  French plus Gastronomy.  The city of Montreal is the ideal setting for a gastronomy programme as we are known as a food lovers paradise and we have an impressive number of culinary classes and food tours.  Montreal also has the second most restaurants per capita in North America.  EC Montreal’s gastronomy programme combines a General French course with a variety of culinary sessions, food tours, pastry making and mixology courses.  The sessions are hands on and suitable no matter the student’s language ability.

Our most popular programmes are the bilingual options.  More and more students choose to study French and to study English in Canada and we offer different study and scheduling options.  Our students are investing in a future where language is important and they are choosing our Semi-Intensive and Intensive options.


Our top 3 nationalities who book a French course are Brazilian, Swiss and Colombian.   The European market is the predominant source market of students in our French programme; however, an exciting recent trend is that more and more Asian students are booking French or bilingual programme.  In 2014, 27% of students in our French programme were from Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

As more and more people already have knowledge of English, we expect more students to choose our French or bilingual programmes in the future.  This will result in more diversity in the nationality mix of our school.

There are exciting things happening at EC Montreal! We hope you will enjoy our FSL in Montreal programmes!