Alessandra Vailati From Italy: “It was a beautiful experience…”

Alessandra Vailati is a 17-year old student from Italy participating in EC Montreal’s English Young Learner’s Day Programme.

Here is what she wants to share with all of you about taking English classes in Montreal with EC:

Alessandra Vailati

It was a beautiful experience.  I met a lot of new people from all over the world, for example; Mexico, France, Germany, Taiwan, Spain and Italy.

I really enjoyed the activities.  One of my favorite was the contemporary Art Museum (MAC) and the speed boating activity.  It was really fun!

I think that my English is better now especially after being in contact with people from difference countries.

I would recommend EC Montreal to a friend!

I will remember a lot of things from my friends to all the beautiful activities.  Thanks for all!