Young Learner’s Italian Group Testimonials!


We recently said farewell to a group of 10 Italian students participating in EC Montreal’s Young Learner’s Programme.  They had travelled to Toronto last year and had an amazing time so wanted to give Montreal a try!

This group was special as they chose to live in residence instead of the Classic Homestay option that EC Montreal offers.  They came with their English teacher from their school in Italy.  She acted as their chaperone.

They wanted to share their comments with everyone about taking English classes in Montreal with EC:


Cinzia Galantino – Group Chaperone


I chose EC Montreal because last year we went to Toronto and it was fantastic!  At the beginning, there was a period of adjustment, however in only a few days everything was great as it was last year! So for sure, I will recommend EC Montreal to a friend.


Matteo Minciarelli

Matteo Minciarelli

I had a really good time in Montreal!  I loved the miniature golf and the Museum of Fine Arts.  I loved the lessons, my teacher, Valerie, was a really good teacher!  I really liked my monitors.  I liked Montreal, especially the downtown area.


Nicolo Bortelo

Nicolo Bartolo

I chose this destination as it was recommended by my school in Italy.  I really enjoyed my English classes.  Overall I enjoyed myself very much!  The teachers were always so well prepared.  I have made friends with students from all over the world!


Gioia Brandizzi

Gioia Brandizzi

I chose EC because it was recommended by my school in Italy.  The residence accommodation was really nice.  I made friends with many students from Spain and France.


Barbara Parisi

Barbara Parisi

I learned a lot of grammar and new vocabulary.  I think that I improved a lot in only 2 weeks.  I really liked the teachers.  I will recommend the staff and the city.  I made so many friends from Germany, France and Italy.


Edoardo Roherssen Di Limina

Edoardo Rohrssen Di Limina

I improved my English a lot.  I really enjoyed all the activities in class and around the city, especially, football, class debates and the festivals!


Lorenzo Iannaccone

Lorenzo Maria

I had a lot of fun!


Lukasz Darivsz Plazzotta

Lukasz  Darivsz Plazzotta

I learned a lot of new vocabulary and grammar.  My favorite activity was the Museum of Fine Arts.  I made so many new friends from Germany, France and Mexico.  I will always remember the poeple in Montreal and at the school.  They are all so very nice!


Francesco Romano

Francesco Romano

Here I met a lot of poeple and learned a lot about Canada.  It was a fantastic experience!


Alessandra Soscia

Alessandra Soscia

I really liked this school!  My favorite activity was bowling!  I met people from so many parts of the world.  I really improved my English a lot in only 2 weeks!


Iacopo Tancredi

Iacopo Tancredi

I learned how to speak better English.  My skills improved a lot.  I really enjoyed the activities, especially the miniature golf.  My bedroom in the residence was beautiful.  I will recommend EC Montreal to all my friends.  I met so many people from Mexico, Japan, Russian and Germany.  I really liked the social leaders.  They were always happy!  I will remember everything about this experience!