Learning English in Montreal (and Djembe Playing Too)

This year our program was honored to host our first Tam Tam Jam. Our hats were off to the great work of Kattam and his excellent teaching and facilitation skills. The students received a bilingual class in the art of playing the Djembe while learning about African, Indian, and Middle Eastern culture … Read more

Learning English in Montreal: Melanie Fair Torres Domingues

Melanie is a 13 year old student from Mexico and here is what she had to say about her time taking English Course at the Young Learners Program: “My parents chose several destinations and I decided to come to this one. I learned many things here. This trip was awesome. My favourite activities … Read more

Montreal’s Italian Week: August 7 to August 16

Every year in August we look forward to Italian Week.  The Italian community comes alive and celebrates its culture!  The Italian festival takes place in different Italian communities in Montreal; Lasalle, St. Leonard, Riviere de Prairies & particularly Little Italy.  Italian week celebrates Ita … Read more