Student Testimonial: Tom Laureys

Tom Laureys is student from United Stats who came to learn French in Canada.

Here is what he would like to share about his French course at EC Montreal:

Tom Laureys from the United States is studying French in Canada
Tom Laureys from the United Stats is studying French in Canada


I strongly recommend EC Montreal. The teachers are professional and capable. They have a deep knowledge of the French language and they know how to explain the grammar and vocabulary effectively.

I studied 3 other times in Montreal at ILSC. EC Montreal is head and shoulders above ILSC in the quality of language instruction that you receive. EC costs about $10 per week more than ILSC but the quality is 10 times better, and I learned 10 times more French.

My homestay was fantastic she was friendly and accommodating. She cooked healthy, delicious meals. She loved to converse and she helped me with French like having an extra French teacher at the house.

Plus it was only 15 minute bus ride to school and very clean and comfortable house.

Tom Laureys