Luisa Velasquez: Different Points of View

Luisa Fernanda Velasquez Martinez is a student from Colombia who came to take English Classes in Montreal.

Here is what she would like to share about her learning experience at EC Montreal:

EC Montreal ESL Student Luisa

I chose this destination because I have a cousin here. Also it’s easier than other places for me. In my opinion, I learned a lot.

I’m getting better with my English, and I improved my writing, speaking, listening, and comprehension.

I’m happy because I heard good comments about my improvements from my friends, faculty, and coworkers.

Also, I met so many people from other countries and cultures, who showed me other points of view about life.

To be honest, I think EC has really good teachers. They are always interested in helping you and teaching you.

Luisa Fernanda Velasquez Martinez

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