Camila Rodrigues – Amazing Host Family

Camila Rodrigues is a student from Brazil who came to take English classes in Montreal.

Here is what she would like to share about her learning experience at EC Montreal:

EC Montreal Student Camila Rodrigues

I chose Montreal as my destination because I wanted to learn French and I wanted to have English as a back-up option. So far my French has improved a lot. My favorite part of the lessons is when we get to talk and practice the language.

My host family is amazing. They are great to me, and they helped me a lot with everything and they have a lot of patience helping me with my French. Most of my closest friends are from Brazil, but I have some from Colombia and Switzerland.

The experience I’m having here will be forever in my memory. I will never forget my life here. Hopefully I’ll get to come back to Montreal someday.

Camila Rodrigues

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