Chiara Battaglino Cevueva – I will always remember my monitors and my new friends

Chiara Battaglino Cevueva is a student from Spain who came to Learn English Abroad in Montreal at EC in the Junior Program. Here is what she would like to share about her learning experience at EC Montreal:





chose this destination to learn English and French. My new friends come from Mexico, Italy, Saudi Arabia, China, and Turkey. I learnt a lot of English and French and how to live in another country. I improved so much. My favorite activity was dance, because I love to dance and it was very funny. The best part of the school was the teachers. I would recommend EC to a friend because I enjoyed it so much. I don’t have the words, it was very very fun. The thing I liked the most of the social leaders was their attention and that they were funny. I love everyone from there and Anh Thy. I will always remember my monitors and my new friends. I want to come back here! Love you so much!!