Andrea Marcoccini – In only 3 weeks, I improved my English and made some friends

Andrea Marcoccini is a student from Brazil who came to Learn English Abroad in Montreal at EC. Here is what she would like to share about her learning experience at EC Montreal:




I decided to study English in Montreal because I have a friend here. She arrived in April 2016 with her husband and an 8-months old baby. It was an opportunity to learn English and visit them. In only 3 weeks here, I improved my English and made some friends. This is very good! My favorite activity in EC course is when the teacher asks us to do speaking exercises in pairs because I have an opportunity to speak more and express myself in details. My communication improved very much. I liked the school/lessons because the class activities are dynamic. I loved my homestay. She is talkative and happy. My room is very good.


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