EC Montreal’s Soulful November – An Introduction to Yoga


Last Wednesday we held our 4th soulful November activity – an introduction to Yoga.  We were asked by the meditation and yoga instructor, Anastasia, to select a room that was peaceful, silent and warm.  She wanted to create the perfect zen environment for her class.  We were so happy to see several EC Montreal students participating in this activity.

We began the class with some breathing exercises.  We were asked to inhale and exhale being aware of all our joints and body parts from our toes to our heads.  We were taught the mountain pose that became the foundation for all our exercises.  We performed the warrior I, warrior II and the tree poses.

We stretched every part of our body while breathing and relaxing.  We could feel every single muscle.  Anastasia spoke in a very soothing and meditating voice.  Throughout the class she would remind us to be aware of our body and to be grateful for our limbs.

We ended the class with a long relaxation, again from our toes right to our scalps not forgetting every single part of our bodies and our faces.

It was a lovely introduction to yoga and a much appreciated break from our daily routine.  Join our French classes in Montreal and be part of our weekly fun!