Amazon and Google Set up Shop in Montreal!

Montreal is definitely on a roll!  We recently gained metropolis status.  This will mean a lot of new business opportunities for our city!  In addition, Montreal has made so many top lists; best student city, smartest city, best destination to travel to in 2017 and friendlies city. Today, EC Montreal is overjoyed to learn that Amazon and Google have opened up new offices in Montreal.  This will create a lot of jobs for Montrealers and will definitely put Montreal on the map when it comes to businesses investing in our city! Here is what the article had to say about this exciting news: The internet retailer has opened up several data centers in Montreal. And their main reason for choosing our city was because of the cost and availability of hydro-electric power. Google also just recently opened a new Artificial Intelligence center here. If the trend continues, this could be start of something big. Because when other big companies see that Amazon and Google are choosing Montreal, they might decide to do the same. Montreal is becoming more and more popular!  Choose Montreal for your English and / or French classes!  

Gustav Ekman – Incredible Trips & Centrally Located Residence

Gustav Ekman is a student from Sweden who came to learn French abroad at EC Montreal. Here is what he would like to share about his learning experience at EC Montreal:   I chose Montreal because of its interesting history, vibrant nightlife, and because compared to, for example, Paris, it’s relatively more affordable. I’ve strengthened my grammar, and I have expanded my vocabulary as well. My favorite EC activity was by far the organized trip to Quebec City. It was absolutely incredible! I’ve never met a guide who is as passionate as Marcus! I stayed at la Marq –  the student residence – which is very central! I could literally walk everywhere if it wasn’t for the biting cold. It’s also a great way to stay socially active!   We are always excited to hear our students’ voices and to share their learning experience at EC. We wish all the best to Gustav on his future endeavors, and we hope to see you again in the future!   Follow the link if you want to take English or French Classes in Montreal 🙂

Cleyton Pires – Professional Teachers

Cleyton Pires is a student from Brazil who came to learn French abroad at EC Montreal. Here is what he would like to share about his learning experience at EC Montreal:     I just want to give a feedback about my French teacher, Sandy. She was one of the reasons why I really enjoyed my time here at EC so much. She is really a very competent professional who helped me a lot to improve my French skills. P.S. sorry about my comments in English. It’s just because I am short on time and I don’t want to disappoint Sandy with mistakes in my French writing.   We are always excited to hear our students’ voices and to share their learning experience at EC. We wish all the best to Cleyton on his future endeavors, and we hope to see you again in the future!   Follow the link if you want to take English or French Classes in Montreal 🙂

Ice Skating with EC Montreal!

There is something about ice skating that really adds fun to the holiday season.  Maybe it’s the twinkly lights in the trees or the holiday tunes playing on the speakers hung in the trees?  Personally, I think it’s terribly romantic gliding side by side with the one you love! As it’s a favorite activity among friends, family and couples, you can find amazing skating rinks all over the city! The two most popular are Beaver Lake on Mount-Royal and the Old Port!  A Christmas village with a  skating rink can be found at the Olympic park! The city of Montreal has over 1000 parks and you are sure to find skating rinks in most of them! If you just can’t take the cold weather, the indoor skating rink Atrium 1000 is the place to be!  It is accessible through the metro tunnel, so you don’t even have to walk outdoors! Winter sports on Mount-Royal can be found on the EC Montreal winter calendar of events!  Join us for a jolly good time!  

Montreal Ranked the 3rd Friendliest City in the World!

EC Montreal has more to celebrate this year, Montreal is doing so well in all the worldly rankings!  We have just been named the third friendlies city in the world by Rough Guides! This month, they asked their followers on Facebook and Twitter to vote for the friendliest city they’ve visited. Here are the top 15 they chose: 15.  Atlanta 14.  Wellington 13.  Vientiane 12.  Cape Town 11.  Budapest 10.  Melbourne 9.  Manchester 8.  Dubai 7.  Copenhagen 6.  Vancouver 5.  Tokyo 4.  Liverpool 3.  Montreal 2.  Dublin 1.  Glasgow In third place is Montréal, Canada’s second largest city. On Twitter, Paul Chibeba said: “my #friendlycity pick is #Montréal: colourful, engaging and welcoming in French and English!”. We are delighted that Montreal made the list and 4 other EC destinations made it as well! Join us at EC Montreal and let Montreal become your new home away from home!

Annual Staff and Student Party at EC Montreal!

Last Friday, EC Montreal held its annual staff and student holiday party!  It is an event we look forward to every year!  It is wonderful to celebrate with the entire EC Montreal community! The guests consisted of EC students, teachers, office staff, drivers and even some EC representatives!  Everyone was in a very festive mood! The evening began with a holiday toast by our Centre Director, Elisa.  She kicked off the festivities and then handed over the entertainment to the hired DJ. There were a few animated games.  Everyone participated with great enthusiasm! The buffet dinner was amazing!  We wouldn’t expect anything less from Atti!  It is by far our favorite Korean restaurant in the city!  Everyone got up for seconds or thirds! When dinner was over and all the prizes had been won, the dancing segment began!  Many staff and students got up to show off their moves!  It was absolutely wonderful! Happy Holidays from everyone at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal’s Advanced Level Takes the Spirit of Giving Prize!

EC Montreal’s fundraising campaing for CTV’s Spirit of Giving has come to an end.  We asked the entire EC community to donate generously by bringing in non-perishable food items, toys and toiletries.  To motivate our students to give, we created a classroom competition.  The class that donated the most items would win a group prize. As the students brought in the goods, we counted their items.  Fred and Maria Elena’s advanced class took the grand prize!  They donated an astounding 123 items!  They were treated to a pizza lunch for all their efforts! The runner up level was pre-advanced.  They donated an amazing 83 items!  A world of thanks to all the other levels and the EC Montreal team and homestay hosts for your generous donations! We managed to donated over 10 large boxes to CTV with 750 items! A list of the competitors and their donations can be found below: EC Montreal team:  210 items Homestay hosts:  195 items Advanced:  129 items Pre-advanced:  83 items Upper-Intermediate:  64 items   All other levels combined:  69 items We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for their incredible generosity! These donations will help many needy families this holiday season!

Natalia Banoy Restrepo From Colombia: “I know I have improved a lot…”

Natalia Banoy Restrepo is a beautiful young lady from Colombia.  Today was her last day at EC Montreal.   Here is what she wanted to share with everyone:   First of all, I have to say that I’m really happy with the experience I had at EC Montreal.  I chose it because it was the closest, safest, coolest and most beautiful place where I could practice both my English and French. I learned so much from grammar to vocabulary and even life lessons which I think are more valuable than anything else.  I know that I improved a lot my writing and talking. My favorite activity was building gingerbread houses because I’ve never done it before and because I was with my friends having so much fun! The thing I liked the most was when classes had different and dynamic activities like games, presentations, videos, debates, group activities, etc… My host family was AMAZING!  They were so kind, funny, friendly and helpful…also, the food was great. I would recommend EC Montreal to my friends from all continents!  Everybody was always so kind and friendly! I will always remember my favorite teachers, the things I learned and all the new friends that I have made!

Montreal Has Been Ranked the #1 Destination to Visit in 2017!

EC Montreal has a lot of reason to celebrate today!  Montreal will be a very popular destination in 2017 as it will be celebrating its 375th Birthday! Frommer’s, one of the biggest Travel guidebooks has named Montreal as its #1 destination to visit in 2017! Here are the other destinations that made the cut: Montréal, Quebec Karasjok, Norway Bermuda The Pantanal The Mississippi River Paris, France Sulawesi, Indonesia San Francisco and the Bay Area Fátima, Portugal Nashville, Tennessee The Panama Canal Nan Madol, Micronesia Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda Martin Luther’s Germany Katahdin Woods and Waters, Maine Haida Gwaii, British Columbia Doha, Qatar Here’s what they had to say about us:  Colliding celebrations—the 150th anniversary of its nation and the 375th birthday of the city—will make Montréal party central for much of 2017. And what a shindig it will be! This ancient city, in the spirit of its famous export Cirque du Soleil, is filling the calendar with a carnival of fantastic celebrations—175 in total, 100 of which will be free over the summer months. They include the Walk of the Giants, massive marionettes from France’s acclaimed Royal de Luxe Theater striding the streets; a roaming sound and light show throughout Old Montréal; and from May to December a cutting-edge multimedia show in homage of the St. Lawrence River (with 3­D projections, water features, music). The city will also premiere Another Brick in the Wall, an opera based on Pink Floyd’s album, with former bassist Roger Waters at the helm, and a timely tribute to the work of Leonard Cohen at Museum of Contemporary art.

Bake Sale Success at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal held its 13th annual charity bake sale on December 9.  We continue to raise funds for the Shriner’s Hospital for Sick Children.  When we visited them several years ago we were so impressed by the work they did and the care they give to children all over the world.  There were also so appreciative of our fundraising efforts that we decided to devote our time and money to this compassionate institution. Last Friday was a full day of giving.  We began with our bake sale at 10:30 a.m.   Staff, Homestays and teachers baked or bought sweets to be sold.  We had so many wonderful goodies!  They were beautifully displayed and looked too good to pass up! We also sold raffle tickets to win amazing prizes!  The prizes consisted of beauty products, wine bottles, gift baskets, movie tickets and other goodies.  The prizes were all donated by staff and vendors we work with.  We pulled out the names yesterday and will be surprising the winners today! A nice surprise for students were the I love EC Montreal t-shirts we had printed to be sold at the fundraiser!  They were a big hit! At the end of the day we added up all our earnings and are happy to announce that EC Montreal raised a little over $440 for the Shriner’s Hospital!  A world of thanks to all the staff, students and homestays who generously donated! I am sure our students taking English courses in Montreal would agree that giving feels so good!