Nous Sommes EC Pour Vous!

Meet the EC Montreal team!  We are here for you!  In French, it’s a fun play on words.  EC, spelled, ici, means here but is pronounced as EC. Our team comes in every day with one purpose, to serve our clients and be available to them!  From our office staff to our team of teachers, we are all working together to ensure our students have a rewarding, enriching and memorable experience in Montreal! EC’s mission statement is Helping Students Succeed in a Global Community.  No matter your purpose for attending our English or French courses in Montreal, we are here to help you accomplish your goals.  Whether you are trying to enter University or simply want to discover a new city, we will ensure your dreams are realized! Join our programmes and become part of our EC Montreal family!   Follow the link if you want to learn English in Canada!

Experiencing Culture Shock? EC Montreal is Here for you!

When you arrive in Canada to participate in a language programme, you have many adjustments to make. Some of the biggest differences are: food, social customs, schedules, and language. It is normal to experience Culture Shock. Here is some information to help you through this challenging, but exciting time. There are usually 4 stages of Culture Shock. Everyone spends different amounts of time in each stage. The honeymoon stage: Differences are interesting. You feel excited and curious. The shock stage: The differences begin to affect you. You may feel confused, unconfident or lonely. Frustration and anger can also be a result of Culture Shock. You may start to dislike or be annoyed by some of the differences you see in Canadian culture. The negotiation stage: You learn to deal with the problems of cultural difference. You begin to see the similarities to your culture and you start to accept the differences. Acceptance: You are able to live well in your new environment. When experiencing culture shock, you may demonstrate many, some or none of these symptoms: feeling angry, being lonely, feeling like you want to be alone, extreme homesickness, overeating or loss of appetite, boredom, sleepiness, headaches, stomach aches and inexplicable crying. When dealing with culture shock it is important to be patient and understanding with yourself. The first thing to tell yourself is that it’s normal! Be kind to yourself and understand that you will feel better as you learn and adjust to living in Canada! Some suggestions to dealing with culture shock are: Keeping Active: Don’t stay in your room, get out and experience Canadian culture first-hand. Spend time with your homestay family or friends. Get involved in EC’s Activities programme. Watch and learn how Canadian customs are practiced. Talk!: Talk to your homestay family, other students and EC’s office staff. Ask questions! … Read more

EC Montreal’s March Calendar of Events!

The month of March is right around the corner and EC Montreal is busy planning its March calendar of events.  These activities are extremely important to EC Montreal as they serve many purposes.  They introduce our students to Montreal customs and traditions, they give our students opportunities to interact with one other, they give our students extra contact time with the English and French language and it gives our EC Montreal team a chance to meet with our students on a more social level.  We find the latter to be very important as we learn a lot about our students, we remember their names and we are seen by our students as more approachable. We want our students to feel comfortable with us and to advise us if they have any concerns. It’s one of the reasons that make us the best English school in Montreal and of course the best French school in Montreal either. The month of March is maple season in the province of Quebec.  Quebec produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup.  We have many maple farms located approximately 40 minutes away from Montreal.  It is a tradition to visit a maple farm and sugar shack this time of year.  The sugar shack, called “La cabane à sucre” in French, serves a traditional Quebecois meal that usually consists of pea soup, meat pie, ham, beans, eggs, sausage and pickled beets.  The meal always includes dessert; maple pie, hotcakes and maple taffy served on snow. To celebrate this tradition, EC Montreal will several maple syrup activities on March 22 and 29.  We will transform the student lounge into a sugar shack and serve all the maple foods imaginable! We have also planned an outing to a maple farm on March 25.  We will take a bus to the maple farm and get … Read more

Miaomiao Bai From China: “It’s been a very special experience for me…”

Miaomiao Bai is a student from China participating in EC Montreal’s bilingual programme.  Sadly, today is her last day at EC. Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: I studied at EC Montreal for 2 months. Starting from being afraid and not speaking at all, I’ve become more confident in my daily communication in both English and French. I am not shy anymore, and I want to practice even more! The things I’ve learned here are very practical and I can use them every day. I really want to thank the office staff Nathaniel and my classroom teacher Lucy for being so kind and patient. My classmates and the office even celebrated my birthday for me! It was so heartwarming to receive so many sweet wishes from many international friends! It’s been a very special experience for me!   Follow the link if you want to learn English in Canada!

Pink Shirt Day at EC Montreal!

Today is National Pink Shirt Day – An anti-bullying campaign to spread kindness to end bullying. We asked all our students to come to school dressed in pink to create awareness.  We also had literature on every table in the student lounge about bullying. We encouraged our students to write comments about what they could do, personally, to help prevent bullying. Some of the comments students wrote were: “If you see someone being intimidated, do something – don’t just stand by.” “Educate people about bullies.” “Don’t judge anybody.” “Being nice to others and help if someone is in trouble.” “Encourage students to explore the feeling of empathy.” “By creating a loving environment in the classroom.” “Not having prejudices.” “By having more compassion.” “By being more kind with people.” “By making friends with excluded people.” “By making sure everyone is included!” Thank you to all the students for leaving your comments and for contributing to a bully-free EC! We also served hot chocolate to create a very warm and cozy environment for our staff and students.  The students enjoyed their hot cups with all the toppings; marshmallows, whipped cream and cinnamon. Our teacher Fred, also led an activity for his global citizenship class on anti-bullying.  They had a student fair with groups of students and counselors discussing how to identify bully behaviour and its prevention. The general rules are:  If someone says or does something unintentionally hurtful and they do it once, that’s rude. When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they do it once, that’s mean. When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it even when you tell them to stop or show them that you’re upset – that’s bullying. A special thank you to the EC Montreal team for raising bully awareness … Read more

Andres Felipe Trejos Joins our Team of Student Ambassadors!

We are delighted to welcome Andres Felipe Trejos to our team of EC Montreal student ambassadors!  Andres Felipe is participating in our Academic Year 30 Lesson Bilingual programme. Here is what he would like to share with all of you: My name is Andres Felipe.  I’m 21 years old.  I have almost finished my university career in Colombia.  I finished my 2nd year law courses and I’m going to obtain my degree as soon as I go back to my country. I came to Montreal so I can improve my English and continue studying French because they are useful for future studies and also for job opportunities. I want to make sure that every single student who studies at EC Montreal will enjoy their time here as much as I do!   Follow the link if you want to learn English in Canada!

Meet our New Student Ambassador: Andressa Mendes Amorim!

We are very excited to have Andressa join our EC Montreal Student Ambassador group! We are confident that she will do an amazing job! Here are a few words from Andressa: Hi, everyone, My name is Andressa Mendes Amorim and I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in Brazil, but now I am living in Montreal to study French and also to learn about Quebec culture. I have had the experience to study English abroad so I imagined that doing the same thing to learn French would be a nice experience. Yet, I did not know how much about Canada would surprise me, I am having a wonderful time in Montreal. Despite the fact that it is cold now, I am really in love with the cith, the locals and also with the school “EC Montreal.” Having talked to one of the members of the school, I discovered that I could work at the school as a Student Ambassador. So I thought “why not?” and I am sure it will be a nice way to learn more, meet new people and to improve different types of skills. To sum up, I am very glad to have this opportunity and I am looking forward to start! Follow the link if you want to learn English in Canada!

Meet Luis Miguel Amaya: EC Montreal’s Student Ambassador!

We are delighted to introduce you to Luis Miguel Amaya, our newest member of the Student Ambassador team!  Luis Miguel will be studying at EC Montreal for the next year!  We are so happy he will be filling in the ambassador role!  He will make an excellent addition to the team and will be helpful in promoting our student activities and welcoming our new students! Here is what Luis Miguel would like to share with everyone: My name is Luis Miguel.  I am from Bogota, Colombia.  I am 18 years old and I just graduated from high school. I came here to Montreal to improve my English and to learn French.  I will be here for one year.  I know it’s a long time but I have big expectations for this year that just started.  One of them is to discover new things from different cultures.  I love it when people start talking about their countries because it shows how much they like to be and how proud they are about where they are from.  They really care about their country. On the other hand I like it when things change.  For me, getting out of the comfort zone, is something that has to be done.  It helps us to grow as better human beings.  I like the kind of things that teach you how to progress every day. I am looking forward to seeing how this year progresses and being a student ambassador opens my doors for new things and new experiences.   Follow the link if you want to learn English in Canada!

Vogue Magazine Features Montreal as Great Winter Destination!

We have even more to celebrate this week at EC Montreal.  The very popular Vogue magazine has named Montreal as a city to visit this winter! It lists all the wonderful winter activities available in Montreal such as Igloofest, Montreal en Lumiere and Mont-Royal sports.  It also goes on to list very reputable hotels and restaurants. We couldn’t agree more with the author of this article!  Montreal, even at its coldest, is a fantastic destination to visit!  It is a culturally rich and diverse city that really has something to offer to everyone!  It is a food lover’s paradise and for those who still enjoy clubbing, a fantastic nightlife scene! Check out the article so you too can fall in love with Montreal and be tempted to book an English or French class at EC Montreal! Follow the link if you want to learn English in Canada!

EC Montreal Friday Workshop: Quebecois Expressions

Every Friday, EC Montreal offers free academic workshops to our students.  The workshops include pronunciation clinics, resume writing lessons, debates, round-table discussions and guest lecturers.  Today, we did something a little different.  We offered a workshop on Quebecois expressions.  Just like the English language, French is spoken in different parts of the world and you will find differences not only with slang, accent and pronunciation, but you will find big differences with its vocabulary. A person speaking English in England will sound very differently from a person speaking English in Texas, for example.  Both are speaking English, neither one is better or more important than the other.  If you take the word garbage, for example.  This is the word used in Canada to describe what we throw away.  In the USA, however, they would say trash and in the UK, rubbish.  They are all correct and all describe the same thing. Well, the same is true with the French language.  Although EC Montreal teaches standard, international French, students come across people here in Montreal who speak Quebecois French.  This means that the accent, pronunciation and vocabulary can be very different from those you would hear on a street in Paris. Our EC Montreal teacher, Fred Paiement, ran the workshop on common Quebecois expressions and terminology.  It was great to see so many students show up to the lesson. Many differences that exist between Quebec French and European French arise from the preservation of certain forms that are today archaic in Europe. New words were also created for Quebec specialties that do not exist in Europe. As with any two regional variants, there is an abundance of slang terms found in Quebec that are not found in France. Quebec French profanity uses references to Catholic liturgical terminology, rather than the references to … Read more