Nous Sommes EC Pour Vous!

Meet the EC Montreal team!  We are here for you!  In French, it’s a fun play on words.  EC, spelled, ici, means here but is pronounced as EC. Our team comes in every day with one purpose, to serve our clients and be available to them!  From our office staff to our team of teachers, we are all … Read more

EC Montreal’s March Calendar of Events!

The month of March is right around the corner and EC Montreal is busy planning its March calendar of events.  These activities are extremely important to EC Montreal as they serve many purposes.  They introduce our students to Montreal customs and traditions, they give our students opportunities to … Read more

Pink Shirt Day at EC Montreal!

Today is National Pink Shirt Day – An anti-bullying campaign to spread kindness to end bullying. We asked all our students to come to school dressed in pink to create awareness.  We also had literature on every table in the student lounge about bullying. We encouraged our students to write com … Read more

EC Montreal Friday Workshop: Quebecois Expressions

Every Friday, EC Montreal offers free academic workshops to our students.  The workshops include pronunciation clinics, resume writing lessons, debates, round-table discussions and guest lecturers.  Today, we did something a little different.  We offered a workshop on Quebecois expressions.  Just li … Read more