Jillian’s Blog: Day 7 of the Young Learners Programme!


Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Come on down to play EC Montreal’s Young Learner’s game show!

Hello and happy Thursday everyone!

It is almost the end of the week and the young learners and I are finishing the preparations for the “Create a sport or game” team projects.



After a very fun and tasty Sushi making activity yesterday afternoon, the young learners returned to class this morning to begin our class lesson on game shows!

After learning about various types of game shows and trivia, the students practiced their English language skills and vocabulary with game show themed resources.  The young learners then perfected their English questioning and answering functional skills by creating their own game show questions and retrieving information from their fellow classmates. Knowledge of their friends and classmates were then put to the test when the students brought their invented game show to life by answering trivia about their friends. In a boys versus girls class trivia game, the girls won the trivia challenge by one point! A very close game!


After lunch, the young learners will take a tour of Mount Royal and hike to the top of the mountain where they will practice the games and activities they created for their team project.

What a fun day! Great work young learners!


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