Canada Day Bash at EC Montreal!

Yesterday, EC Montreal held a Birthday party for Canada!  Canada is turning 150 years young on Saturday, July 1!  It has been 150 years since confederation. There are festivities all over Canada and Montreal is in party mode!  There will be fireworks, concerts and other events at the Old Port and in neighborhood parks.  EC Montreal is organizing a trip to our nation’s capital, Ottawa, where there will be amazing shows – including U2! We decorated the student lounge with Canada flags and served foods Canada is known for; maple cookies, ketchup chips and yummy poutine! We had the Canadian national anthem playing on the television with the lyrics displayed in both English and French.  It was so great to hear our international students singing Oh Canada with such enthusiasm in both languages! Happy Canada Day everyone!

New X-Men Movie Being Filmed in Montreal!

EC Montreal students are always surprised to learn that Montreal hosts a lot of Hollywood movie productions.  Montreal is chosen because it could look like any city in the world!  It is a modern North American city that has that Old European charm.  If you visit Old Montreal it could look like a city in France whereas the financial district for example could look like Chicago or New York City.  This is very attractive to movie makers who can film the entire movie in its entirety from one location. We recently learned that the new X-Men movie is currently being filmed in Montreal. Justin Trudeau our beloved Prime Minister visited the set of X-Men yesterday. The leader of the X-Men hailed Justin Trudeau as a “real-life superhero” on Instagram, after the prime minister paid a visit to the set of “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” in Montreal.  Actor James McAvoy, who plays Professor Charles Xavier in the superhero franchise, posted a photo of Trudeau and the rest of the film’s cast on Instagram Saturday.  “Just met ‘the dude,’” McAvoy wrote. “Thank you Canada for such a progressive, impressive and somewhat suggestive real-life superhero.” If you join us at EC Montreal don’t be surprised to run into celebrities enjoying magical Montreal!

Meet Ana Maria Corciu!

We are delighted to introduce you to Ana Maria Corciu!  She joined the EC Montreal admin team last week!  She will be assisting throughout the summer months when we are at our busiest!  Ana comes to us with so much customer service experience.  She also speaks an impressive five languages! Here is what she would like to share with all of you: I was born in Romania and lived in both Europe and the Middle East.  I have a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Administration and Commerce and a minor in International Tourism from American University in Bucharest. I have over 15 years of experience in customer service and sales and worked for Mitsubishi Motors, Copa Airlines and ran my own Daycare in Montreal for the past two years. In my spare time, I like to volunteer for Internations, the largest international community for people who live and work abroad, as an ambassador for Montreal offering relevant information and local activities. I am fluent in Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, English and French.

Fundraiser Success at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal held a very successful charity event today!  The entire EC Montreal community came together and raised funds for the Refugee Centre.  It was so rewarding to see such wonderful school spirit.  Students came up with great ideas to raise money. We had some students set up a hair styling booth where they braided and coiffed hair for donations.  It was such a wonderful idea!  They raised a lot of money making us girls feel pretty!  They did an amazing job! We had another group of student sell magazines that were prepared as a classroom project.  The students were very proud of the work they did and autographed copies of their magazines for their school mates. We had some students collecting money for hugs and kisses.  They went around the school with a donation jar and puckered up their lips and encouraged everyone to kiss generously! We also had a group of students set up a karaoke room!  Anyone who wanted to sing a song had to pay a dollar!  It was definitely the most entertaining room! The EC Montreal staff prepared wonderful goodies to sell at the bake sale.  We had cupcakes, cookies, cakes and other sweet treats for sale! The most popular booth was the hot dog stand!  The hot dogs grilling smelled way to delicious to pass up!  We sold close to 150 hot dogs!! We counted all the donations and are extremely proud of the efforts we all worked together to achieve!  We raised $459 in total!  We presented the Refugee Centre with the donations and they were so happy to accept the funds!  They appreciated the gesture EC Montreal made for them today! We are delighted to have the Refugee Centre as our neighbors and are delighted with our new found partners! Thank you … Read more

Academic Lecture: Abdulla Daoud From the Refugee Centre

Abdulla Daoud, the Executive Director from the Refugee Centre gave a special presentation at EC Montreal today.  The class was packed with students wanting to learn more about the refugee situation in Canada and what the centre’s initiatives include. Abdulla gave a wonderful presentation!  He really got the students involved in the discussion.  He began his presentation by asking if the students knew what a refugee was.  Our students already had a very good understanding that a refugee is someone seeking asylum from their country out of necessity. Abdualla described the differences between a refugee camp and a refugee entering another country.  He also gave us statistics on the number of refugees in the world.  We were shocked to learn that there are over 65 million refugees in the world.  Canada welcomed 76 thousand refugees in 2016.  The most recent refugees are from Syria, however, the most refugees in Canada have come from Palestine and China. He spoke about how welcoming Canada is to its refugees and that our low population allows us to do so.  He also informed us that Canada believes refugees will work hard, contribute to our society and we will all be better off as a result. The refugee centre helps the refugees integrate to our society.  They help them with their education, job searching and basic needs.  They have also piloted a programme where they help them start their own businesses. We were all very impressed by the work they are doing and EC wants to be involved in helping them to continue the wonderful work they do! EC Montreal will hold its first annual fundraiser for the Refugee Centre!  The students are all so excited to help raise funds.  Some classes will hold a karaoke room others will braid hair, we will have a … Read more

EC Montreal Celebrates “La Fete Nationale”

June 24 is a national holiday in the province of Quebec.  According to the catholic religion, the 24th of June is St. John the Baptiste day.  French Canadian, being extremely religious in the past adopted St. John to be Quebec’s patron saint.  Over the years, this holiday became very special to Quebecers and has come to represent pride and love for our province rather than a religous holiday. EC Montreal will be closed on the 23rd of June, however, we have made plans for our students to enjoy all the festivities taking place around the city.  There are celebrations, concerts and fireworks in many parks around the city! We will be going to the de Maisonneuve park to enjoy the free concerts followed by fireworks at the Old Port! At EC Montreal we like to give our students many opportunities to interact with local poeple and to get a taste of all our customs, traditions and flavours! Happy Quebec Day!

Montreal’s World Beer Festival!

One of the most beloved festivals hosted in Montreal – The World Beer Festival!  This year the festival will take place at the Palais des Congres – the convention centre, located at 201 Viger Street.  We will definitely be adding this outing to our social events calendar!  The festival will take place from June 14 to June 18. EC Montreal students will have a chance to sample beer from all over the world in such a festive and joyous environment!  Admission to the event is free.  This activity is set for June 15 on EC Montreal’s social events calendar.  Students can purchase tickets for their samples.  They are given a beer glass a souvenir and all their tastings can be made using their glass!  Each sample is only $1. As Montreal is a food lover’s paradise – food will be present, of course!!  There will be all kinds of delicious snacks available to be paired up with the different beers.  If it is like previous years, we can look forward to tasking different kinds of sausages like bison, moose, caribou, deer and ostrich.  Nothing goes better with beer than fries!  We can be sure to have the smell of fries floating around the event!! Montreal is such a cool destination to visit!  There is always something to celebrate – and we Montrealers love our beer!! Another cool reason to learn French in Montreal. Beer, food, fun, friends and excitement!

A Special Moment at EC Montreal!

Today’s graduation ceremony at EC Montreal was extra special!  Our student Sara Gutierrez, from Colombia, was among our graduates.  She has been studying at EC Montreal since February 13, 2017.  She was participating in our 30 Lesson, Bilingual programme, taking French in the morning and English electives.  She has been a model student ending her 6 month stay with a 95% attendance record!  Sara was a very popular student always surrounded by great friends. The certificate ceremony began on a very emotional note.  All the students were crying and hugging each other not wanting to say good bye to their friends. Sara’s parents showed up in the office earlier this morning and told us they wanted to surprise their daughter during the ceremony.  We agreed it would be a wonderful surprise!  We kept Sara’s certificate until the end and when we called out her name we did not have the certificate to present to her – instead, her family came out from hiding and handed it to her.  Sara ran into their arms and hugged them tightly and they all shed tears of joy being reunited after all these months apart. The entire student lounge felt the emotions so deeply and there were many tears shed among us!  It was such a special moment and we felt so honored to be a part of it.  Congratulations Sara on your achievements at EC Montreal!  We will miss you!

EC Montreal’s Annual Greeter Workshop!

EC Montreal held its annual Airport Reception Greeter workshop yesterday.  Our team of drivers came to the school to participate in a training session on how to handle this very important service we offer our students and to share best practices.  It was great listening to our team share experiences and tips on how to handle tricky situations. EC Montreal has very high standards when it comes to this service.  It is the very first encounter our students have with our EC staff.  First impressions are lasting impressions and we do our best to ensure our students have a warm and friendly greeting and arrive to their accommodation safely.  We also ask our drivers to be our eyes once they arrive to the accommodation provider.  It is important for them to let us know what kind of greeting our student received and if the accommodation meets EC standards. We look forward to a wonderful summer at EC Montreal and wish our drivers a smooth ride! Whether you are coming to learn English or learn French in Montreal, every service we offer is of the highest quality!

Open Air Museum on Sherbrooke Street!

There is a lot of excitement at EC Montreal!  We just learned that there is an open air museum on Sherbrooke Street to celebrate Montreal’s 375th Birthday.  International and local Canadian artists are on display!  The street is lined with flags from over 200 countries!  They will be hung all summer long! The open air museum is organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in cooperation with the McCord Museum.  The display will stretch along a one kilometer span from June 5 to October 29.  The installation was created by world renowned Montreal landscape designer Claude Cormier and takes its cues from Expo 67’s futuristic style. The open air museum features art bearing messages of peace, reflecting the universal values of humanism, tolerance and openness that inspired Expo 67. Along the display, 42 photographs will be displayed on the front and back of 21 gigantic frames.  Renowned contemporary Montreal photographers have traveled the world to capture images inspired by the Expo 67 values of openness, peace and diversity.  Also on display are 29 monumental sculptures and installations from world-renowned Canadian and foreign artists from Alexander Calder to Keith Haring. There is also a totem pole as a tribute to the First Nations children who were taken from their families and sent to religious residential schools.  The totem pole is a symbol of reconciliation and commemoration. The exhibition is a wonderful gift to Montrealers of every origin and a remarkable testament to the city’s 375th anniversary! We will be taking our students both in the adult and Young Learner programme to visit the display!