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The EC experience is about much more than all the hard work you do in the classroom – it’s about the friendships you build and precious memories you make when living alongside fellow EC students! Why choose EC accommodation? Live and learn with your friends Take advantage of exclusive EC accommodation offers Get the top-quality service you deserve Live with an accommodation provider approved and inspected by EC Be part of the EC student community Learn about different cultures, customs and cuisines Share your experiences and get advise from your EC family Benefit from the support of the EC Montreal team Join us at EC Montreal and be part of our EC family!   Click on the link, if you want to learn English in Canada!

Zumba Fitness Class at EC Montreal!

Health & Fitness month is alive and well at EC Montreal!  Today, Lina from Bamboofit lead an energetic and dynamic zumba class!  It was wonderful to see our students race to the bathroom after their class today to change into their sports clothes and so excited to work out! Lina set the perfect tone for the class!  She had festive music blaring and got everyone pumped for the class!  Her dance moves and athletic abilities were very impressive! The students appreciated the class so much they asked if it could be repeated every week!  Kudos to our staff Mirka and Renee who actively participated. EC Montreal’s mission this month was to make students aware of the importance of our health.  The heart is a muscle and it should be worked out regularly.  We hope we have inspired our students to continue this healthy path and put their well-being first! We hope our EC Montreal students have appreciated all the wonderful activities we planned this month…. I know our staff sure did!   Click on the link, if you want to learn English in Canada!

10 Things to do During the Long Labour Day Weekend!

The last long weekend of summer is this coming weekend.  A lovely 3-day weekend to enjoy!  You can choose to catch up your sleep and rest or you can choose to go crazy and take advantage of this extra day off! Here are some suggestions from the EC Montreal team on what you can do this labour day weekend!  Join Marcus from Iko Tours on his 3-day trip to the Big Apple – New York City! Check out the food festival YUL EAT at the Old Port of Montreal from September 2 to 4. Head out to the Laurentian mountains for some wine tasting and apple picking. Catch a movie. Try out your luck at the Montreal Casino. Check out one of the last summer sidewalk sales in the Gay Village. Visit Montreal’s spectacular Six Flags Amusement Park – Laronde. Go cycling along the Lachine Canal. Head over to the Old Port of Montreal for a boat cruise along the St. Lawrence River. Take a cooking class or mixology lesson in one of the many gastronomy schools in the city. Whatever you choose to do this labour day weekend, have fun and stay safe!   Click on the link, if you want to learn English in Canada!

No Such Thing as September Blues at EC Montreal!

The month of September is right around the corner.  This means back to school for many people, but at EC, it’s always time for school!  We had a very busy summer and welcomed hundreds and hundreds of international students!  We welcomed students from over 40 different countries!  The world really does come to us! It is technically still summer until September 20 and at EC Montreal we plan to make the most of the last warm month of the year!  We usually experience Indian summer this time of year.  The autumn foliage begins but yet it is warm enough to enjoy so many outdoor activities; like piknicing, sports and nature walks! The month of September is apple season!  The province of Quebec has many apple orchards where visitors can go spend the day picking apples in the country.  We will be celebrating the apple next month – it is our taste of Montreal in September!  We will keep a basket of apples at the front counter every day! The free social activities on Wednesdays will all have an international theme!  We have so many international holidays to celebrate!  The first week of September we will be celebrating Brazilian Independence Day!  We will have a lot of Brazilian treats to share with our large Brazilian student population at EC! The following week, we will celebrate Mexican Independence Day with our students!  We will serve some Mexican goodies and maybe even play some Latin tunes! The week of September 18 we will celebrate Saudi Arabian national day!  We will serve some wonderful Middle Eastern sweets and ask our Saudi students to dress up in their national dress. The last week of September will be celebrate Oktoberfest with our German students!  We will serve German beer, pretzels and sausages! What a delicious and … Read more

Staff Party at EC Montreal!

Last Friday, EC Montreal staff and teachers got together to celebrate the end of summer!  We accomplished so many of our centre targets this summer and wanted to thank everyone who contributed to our many successes! EC Montreal’s greatest strength has always been and will always be its team!  We are a family at heart and care so much about each other, our students and the success of EC! We spent a lovely afternoon enjoying each other’s company over a few drinks and yummy snacks!  We even played a couple rounds of charades!  It was a lot of fun just hanging out! We said a sad farewell to our summer staff and to our amazing English teachers Valerie and Cynthia.  We also celebrated Souha and Rafael’s birthdays. Nous sommes EC!   Click on the link, if you want to learn English in Canada!

Alberto Sanchez Presents: “You Are Not Alone”

Alberto Sanchez from our English Intermediate class presented today as part of EC Montreal’s student academic lecture series. Alberto’s goal was to reveal some very personal experiences to his new friends and classmates.  He spoke about his struggles as a teenager being bullied and dealing with a learning disability.  He talked about the difficulties he felt when his father walked out on the family.  He shared how lonely he felt and how he wanted to end his life. He explained how fortunate he was to wake up and realize that he is not alone and he could overcome these dark feelings.  He further explained that the presentation is about motivation and finding your strength. Alberto shared his journey at EC Montreal.  When he arrived, his non-EC homestay turned out to be a very negative experience, however, it was the support of the EC staff and teachers that turned his overall experience in Montreal into a positive one! He personally thanked each one of his teachers; Shayan, Cristina, Fred and thanked our school director, Elisa, for all the meetings they had together and all the support she gave. Alberto ended his presentation by sharing a slideshow of pictures of his time at EC Montreal – all the activities he joined and all the new friends he made.  After the slideshow, he pointed out that he is smiling in every single picture and that he found peace here at EC Montreal.  He wanted to share the message with everyone that no matter how dark a place you go to, you can always get through it because you are not alone. We are extremely proud of Alberto for keeping up with his classmates despite his condition, for becoming a student ambassador and helping us to welcome new students and for sharing his story. … Read more

EC Montreal’s Annual Corn Festival!

Yesterday, EC Montreal held its annual Corn Festival at the school.  It is corn season in the province of Quebec.  We have miles and miles of corn fields in nearby farms. Quebec corn is typically sweeter.  It has two colours; white and yellow.  They call this “peaches and cream” kernals.  The whiter the kernals, the sweeter the corn. Each table had corn chips and salsa and we served corn salad in individual cups to all our students.  We created a festive atmosphere to celebrate this special corn season! At EC Montreal, we love to give our students a taste of our local flavours.  Every month, we introduce students to what we call “a taste of Montreal”.  The month of September, for example, is apple season. These festivals and social activities also give our students wonderful opportunities to interact with one another. Life is sweet as corn at EC Montreal!   Click on the link, if you want to learn English in Canada!

Evangelina Orozco From Mexico: “I can now understand French…”

Evangelina Orozco from Mexico is completing her bilingual students at EC Montreal today.  I still remember her first day at EC.  She arrived in tears.  She had just said good bye to her parents and the airport.  It was her first experience being alone.  She had issues with a non-EC accommodation and didn’t know how to deal with it.  I remember sitting with her for a while, reassuring her that everything was going to be ok and tried to give her confidence to deal with her issues.  I convinced her to stay and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to study abroad.  I “bet” her that if she stayed, she would be crying on her last day at EC because she wouldn’t want to leave – and I was right!  She gave me a big bear hug today and had tears in her eyes, not wanting to leave EC Montreal! We will miss you dear, Eva!  It has been a pleasure having you here!  Thank you for sharing your comments with us!   I chose EC Montreal because I knew I could learn 2 languages.  I improved my speaking abilities and it helped my confidence while speaking English.  I can now understand French and speak a reasonable amount. My favorite activity was my English class, “English in the City” with my teacher Fred.  We got to sight see and learn all about the important events in Montreal. At first it was difficult but the school supported and helped me until I felt happy and comfortable.  I mainly want to thank, Elisa, the director of EC Montreal for helping me with this issue when I first started until it was resolved. I would definitely recommend EC Montreal to all my friends and family.  My new friends are from all over the … Read more

Gabriel Khattar From Brazil: “I will be eternally grateful…”

We are blown away by the testimonial left by our student Gabriel Khattar.  Today is his last day at EC Montreal.  He has been an absolute joy to have around.  We still fondly remember the amazing presentation Gabriel gave on the firefly and how much we learned from him.  We were impressed by his scientific mind and his ability to really engage the audience during his talk. He wanted to share his experience and give praise to all those EC staff members who made his experience so much better! Here’s what he had to say: Throughout these almost six months that I have attended in EC, I had the opportunity to meet an excellent staff which gave me all the support that I needed to improve my English skills. Therefore, I would not be able to give a score below 10 to you guys! Thank you very much for the amazing experience. Definitely, the teachers are roots of all the outstanding experiences that I have had in EC. Therefore, I would like to say that I will be eternally grateful to Souha, Valerie Voyer, Cinthia Machado, Frederic, Pooria and Maria Elena. Thank you guys! Despite the fact that is impossible to transform good feelings into words, I will try to do it just because I think that Valerie Vieira deserves all the positive feedback. One might say that angles are just mythological creatures which inhabit the dreams of poets. Before my first day in Montreal, I had had the same opinion. But everything changed when I met the most wonderful, kind, generous and, therefore, angelical person that I have seen in my life. Now would say that I believe in angels just because I have met one of them. Her name is Valerie Vieira. Here, I am not going to … Read more

Frozen Treats on a Hot Summer Day!

EC Montreal students were treated to frozen treats today!  We surprised them after their afternoon class with a basket filled with different flavours of ice pops! It is a hot and humid day in Montreal so this cold treat was very well received. EC Montreal loves to surprise its students with this small gestures!  It is great to see them stick around the student lounge and create a wonderful sense of EC community. The administrative office likes to take this opportunity to hang out with the students socially on these occasions. Life is sweet at EC Montreal!  Join us before the end of summer!   Click on the link, if you want to learn English in Canada!